Monster Name Notes
Achelous Weak to Lightning
Ahriman No weaknesses
Behemoth Very strong, no weaknesses
Dark Flan No weaknesses
Mandragora Fire, strong
Monster Name Notes
Maelspike Weak to Lightning
Splasher 1 Weak to Lightning
Splasher 2 Weak to Lightning
Splasher 3 Weak to Lightning
Grendel No weaknesses
Ahriman No weaknesses

Once inside the Cave, reach the Save Sphere and save. (You do NOT want to fight Seymour Flux again.) We’ll be using the Save Sphere as a hub for a while since the Gagazet Cave can be a little confusing, so expect to go back here a lot for the sake of navigational simplicity. Go northwest from there to a lake of water; go into it. (Note that you’ll only control Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku at this point.) Go along the path to an object with some kind of barrier rotating around it. Time your button press right so that Wakka sends his Blitzball between the two barriers’ gaps to hit the switch. Get the chest that appears for a Lv. 1 Key Sphere , then return to the Save Sphere.

From there, go northeast and left at the next fork. Swim along the lake to another … thing. Basically, you need to make the characters look at the circles that basically are close to their size: Rikku for green, Tidus for blue, and Wakka for orange. (It mirrors their Sphere Grid colors, too.) Open the chest that appears for a Fortune Sphere, then return to the Save Sphere.

Go northeast from the Sphere and then right at the fork to find two more chests, a Recovery Ring and a Return Sphere . Backtrack to the Save Sphere.

The first trial, hit the middle with the ball. Time it well. The second you need to line up Rikku with Green, Tidus with blue and Wakka with orange.

From the Sphere, go northwest and along the small path to the right to find a Pep Talk . Go northeast of the Save Sphere again and go left at the fork, then go left at the next fork. Save as you go outside because … well, you have another boss to fight. Though the boss looks cool!

BOSS - Sanctuary Keeper

BOSS ANALYSIS: It’s always nice to have bosses with patterned movesets!

  • **Photon Wings** - Damage to all characters, about 750~1,000. This also inflicts a variety of ailments: Curse, Confusion, Sleep, Silence, and Darkness - the latter three will last for three turns if uncured, but the other two will keep going until healed. Only thing you can do about this is a bunch of healing, or Proof Armors.
  • Attack - Not much to say. Expect around 1,000 damage from this.
  • Attack - Again.
  • **Mana Breath** - High magical damage (~3,000) to a single character. Use Shell.
  • Curaga, Protect, Regen, or Esuna - All of these go against the boss, basically as self-buffs. The earlier you can set up Reflect on him, the better. It mostly depends on what he has: Armor Breaking him causes Protect, and other ailments cause Esuna.
  • Curaga, Protect, Regen, or Esuna - Same as above.
  • **Tail Sweep** (500~1,000 to all) can be used at random, by the way. It will remove Haste and induce a Delay.

MAIN STRATEGY : You’ll want to prepare for a long battle in this one. For the most part, you want to have everyone’s Overdrives already full and the same for your Aeons. Why? Photon Wings - the boss’s first move - induces Curse, preventing Overdrives recharging effectively.

On the first turn of the battle, have Yuna OUT of the party so your faster units can switch to her and Summon someone. I don’t care who, just use them as cannon fodder for Photon Wings since you likely don’t have Curseproof or Ribbon on your Armor. The Aeon will suffer from Curse, though, which is why I recommend using up their Overdrive, suffering the Wings, and then switching them out - you want that cannon fodder to stay around for a while. Be sure to summon a different Aeon on later turns when you need cannon fodder (more Overdrives), after which you’ll just have to repeat-Summon, which doesn’t really matter. Better than getting Confused.

Once you’re back, it’s time to cast Reflect on the Keeper - this will keep it from using spells on itself later down the road. It will eventually Reflect you as well, so either switch that person out or Dispel it. Trust me, you do not want Curaga or Regen on that thing. You’ll probably want to open with a few other buffs: Hastega and Mighty G(uard) come to mind, mostly. Keep up a pretty heavy offense after that, but there’s little point in specializing in anything. You may be able to hit with Darkness (Dark Buster), but the odds are like … 1%. Beyond that, heal and send in cannon fodder when needed.

Photon Wings is devastating. It inflicts numerous status ailments including Curse so protect from that. Make sure to use Armor Break to reduce his HP quickly.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY - POISON : As with a few more recent bosses coughFluxcough, the Sanctuary Keeper is suspectible to the Poison ailment with around a 10% success rate. You can induce it preferably through Bio Fury, or just Bio, Poisontouch, Poisonstrike, and Poison Fangs. Once induced, the boss loses 5% of its HP (2,000) per turn, causing death in 20 turns. From there on out, all you really need to do is heal any sustained damage and send out Aeon cannon fodder for Photon Wings.

After the battle, go along the path for a scene and pick up the sphere thereafter. Continue on…

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