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Slots Overdrive

Jarrod Garripoli

Wakka’s Overdrive is called Slots, which is broken up into four different abilities. Whenever Wakka chooses his Overdrive, a slot machine will spin and your goal is to line up three of the same items. Depending on the Overdrive chosen, this can be a stronger elemental attack, a status ailment, or a lot of damage. Wakka starts with the Element Reels, with the rest of them being acquired from playing Blitzball. Attack Reels, the second one he gains, is one of the strongest moves in the game.

(1 of 2) You will need to line up three of a kind on the slots

You will need to line up three of a kind on the slots (left), Attack Reels is definitely the best one to use (right)

Reels How To Obtain
Element Reels Default
Attack Reels Prize for winning 1st place in Blitzball Tournament
Status Reels Prize for winning 1st place in Blitzball League (after obtaining Attack Reels; Requires 250 battles)
Auroch Reels Prize for winning 1st place in Blitzball Tournament (after obtaining Status Reels; Requires 450 battles)

Out of the four Overdrives he has, Attack Reels is definitely the best one, as long as you line up all 2s on it, resulting in 12 hits total. Although the damage will suffer, you can line up the first two slots, then let the timer run out for the third one, since it will always land on a 2 this way. Element Reels will deal with the various elements, with three hitting all enemies and two of one kind hitting a single enemy. Status Reels is similar to Element, but it deals with ailments. The skull symbol inflicts Poison, Sleep, Silence and Darkness. The down symbol inflicts Full Break (all Breaks), and the hourglass will inflict Petrification and/or Slow. Auroch Reels is a combination of the previous two, but lining up the Auroch symbols will result in a non-elemental attack on all enemies.

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