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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster


Jarrod Garripoli


HP Overkill AP Weak Strong
380,000 10,000 8,000 Nothing Nothing

Item Drops

Common Drop Rare Drop Common Steal Rare Steal
Mana Tablet Dark Matter Purifying Salt (x3) Shining Gem

How To Unlock

Capture at least one of every fiend Inside Sin:


The first thing you will probably notice with Abaddon is the colored orbs flying around his body. Abaddon has constant NulAll and this cannot be removed, so elemental spells are a no-go, in terms of offense. Abaddon also has Auto-Reflect, so even if you could use spells, it wouldn’t be able to hit it. Despite this, it is vulnerable to Holy, so you could cast Reflect on one of your characters and bounce them back to Abaddon. Of course, that might be futile, though, as Abaddon does have pretty high Magic Defense, as well as high Defense. The latter won’t matter too much, though, since Celestial Weapons ignore defense, so they will always deal full damage.

As for Abaddon’s offense, it has access to the tier-3 elemental spells, as well as Flare, which it will bounce off of itself and onto your party. It also has access to Pharaoh’s Curse, which inflicts Darkness, Curse, Silence and Poison. Silence isn’t really a problem, since you’re not really using magic here, unless you need it to heal. Curse can be annoying, as well as Poison and Darkness, so having protections against Darkness will really help (will need Darkproof). Abaddon also can use Demi on the party, although that won’t kill you. Once it has used Demi, Flare, and Pharaoh’s Curse (as well as being targeted) six times, it will use Mana Focus, then Emblem of the Cosmos.

Thankfully, you can use Shell to cut down on some of the damage from Abaddon’s spells, including Emblem of the Cosmos. Curseproof is kind of hard to get, since it requires the very rare Tetra Elemental item, so you could just heal it with Holy Waters instead. Darkproof isn’t too hard to get, since it requires 10 Smoke Bombs and you can steal them from the very large bird enemies. You can also add Mag Def +% to your armor to help with the spells, too. The ideal way to bring this enemy down is by casting Hastega, then using Quick Hit.

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