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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

Magus Sisters

Jarrod Garripoli

In order to recruit the Magus Sisters, you will need to first obtain both Yojimbo and Anima. You will also need to capture at least one of every fiend on Mount Gagazet, then return to the Monster Arena to get the Blossom Crown from the NPC there. Once you have the above, head to Remiem Temple and go inside the building to find Belgemine. She will help “train” Yuna by having you fight against her Aeons with yours. Upon defeating Belgemine’s Bahamut, you will be rewarded with the Flower Scepter. With both the Scepter and Crown, head to the seal in the back of the room and use both to unlock it, which will net you the Magus Sisters.


Unlike the other Aeons in the game, with the exception of Yojimbo, you don’t input direct commands for the Magus Sisters. They are comprised of three separate entities. Instead, you offer a suggestion for them to do, which will either have them do an attack/skill that falls under it, or they will “take a break.” Each of the Magus Sisters is a specialist in something, with Cindy being a White Mage, Mindy a Black Mage, and Sandy a physical attacker (with some exceptions, of course). Most of their commands will either always appear or have a high chance of appearing, while others are a bit more situational.

Do as you will will always appear as an option, where any of the sisters will have a set of moves they can do from it. Cindy may use a bunch of spells here, such as Auto-Life, Full-Life, Life, Flare, -ga elemental spells, or she may just attack or take a break. Sandy can cast Reflect on Cindy, which will cause Mindy to use her Black Magic spells to bounce off of Cindy. If she has already used Reflect, then Sandy will either attack or use Razzia. Moving on to Mindy, she can cast -ra and -ga spells from this command, but only if Cindy has Reflect. Otherwise, she will either attack normally or use Passado, her special.

One more time is a command that will never appear on a sister’s first turn, as it is meant for them to try and repeat their previous move. Note that they can simply ignore this command, instead using a normal attack or their special move. Of course, the “taking a break” is also something you might see here. Cindy does seem to follow this command most often, over the other two. Also, if a sister is out of MP, then they won’t follow this command if they used a spell previously. The Fight command will have the sisters either physically attack or use their special move. This command doesn’t appear all the time.

Sometimes, the Magus Sisters will just take a break and do nothing when you choose a command

Go, go! is a command that you will see on Cindy’s turns, where she will use the opportunity to attack with offensive magic. Help each other! is another command you will see with Cindy, where she will prioritize healing and revive spells. Of course, she can also use her special attack here. Defense! is a command that asks Sandy to use defensive/support magic, like Shell, Protect, Haste, NulAll, and heals, although she will never heal herself. Are you alright? is a command that will show up for Mindy, with it appearing more often the lower HP/MP she has. She will attempt to use Lancet, Drain, and Osmose more.

That takes care of most of the commands for the Magus Sisters, but there is one more. Each of the three sisters have their own Overdrive gauge and in order to use it, all three have to be filled. When they are, you will see a new command called Combine powers! This will let you use their Overdrive, Delta Attack, hitting six times. Note that Cindy’s Strength is what determines the base damage of the attack. Lastly, Dismiss can be used to revive any KO’ed sisters (if one is still alive) with 1 HP. You cannot teach new abilities to the Magus Sisters.

Sister Default Abilities
Cindy Cura, Cura, Curaga, Life, Full-Life, Auto-Life, Drain, Osmose, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Waterga, Flare, Ultima, Pray, Camisade
Mindy Drain, Osmose, Fire, Firaga, Blizzara, Blizzaga, Thundara, Thundaga, Watera, Waterga, Bio, Death, Flare, Lancet, Doublecast, Passado
Sandy Cure, Cura, Curaga, Haste, Protect, Shell, Reflect, Razzia, NulAll
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