Dream’s End : So, it’s all come down to this. After going through the Nucleus and collecting the ten items there, go into the menu right now and make any Sphere Grid and equipment changes you need to. Heal up everyone as well as you can without sacrificing yourself. Finally, in the field, go north and approach the man to the north to end it all.

FINAL BOSS - Braskas Final Aeon

The Yu Pagoda is weird in how it eventually regenerates. Basically, the damage you dealt to it before its death is what it will come back with. If you hit it three times, one for 2,000 damage, one for 2,500 damage, and one for 501 damage, it would come back with 5,001 HP. If you hit it 16 times at 99,999 damage (a really good Fury), it would come back with 1,599,984 HP. Get me?

BOSS ANALYSES : Braska’s Final Aeon (henceforth known as the BFA, because it’s 5:00 AM and I don’t feel confident I can type the long way a lot of times without screwing it up) can hit you pretty hard unless you went rather comprehensive on some of those sidequests. While it’s by no means a Dark Aeon or Monster Arena creation, it can be hard to deal with without doing SOME kind of quest. BFA has a basic physical for about 2,000 damage and Triumphant Grasp (needs to charge) for about 3,000 damage and Zombie. It also has a Beam attack that hits for about 1,000 damage and can petrify. It will also use a bombing attack against Aeons, and an Overdrive for about 4,000~6,000 damage to all. That Overdrive can be stopped twice through Tidus using Talk, but only twice. The Pagodas are there mostly to heal the BFA and to boost it’s Overdrive gauge. They can also use Curse and Osmose. (Curse actually inflicts Curse AND Sleep, Silence, Poison, and Darkness.)

MAIN STRATEGY : Simple enough: begin with the basics like Hastega, Mighty Guard (or Shell/Protect), and other stuff you want. You’ll probably want to focus your offenses first on one of the Yu Pagodas; that Overdrive is nothing to laugh at for most of you looking at a guide. Whether you want to kill off the second is up to you. If you have Auto-Med on, you will have to manually heal the Curse via Holy Water, but otherwise are fine. If you have the Ribbon ability, no problem leaving the second one alive and alternating between killing them. Otherwise, you’ll likely want to equalize your offense between the two … Aeon Overdrive, anyone?

There are two ways to prevent Jecht’s Overdrive from charging. The first is “Talk” but this only works twice. The other way is to attack the Pagodas but they eventually start again.

It won’t take long to focus on BFA - I mean, 5,000 isn’t much. Have someone throw up Power Break on BFA, and whenever the status needs to be reinstilled. Combined with Protect, you’ll only have around 11 Strength to contend with after that, which is great! (Granted, the Pagodsa can heal the Break, but that’s only if they’re both alive, hint hint.) There’s also Armor and Mental Breaks for your offense; overall, if you have Full Break (Expert Sphere Grid only) or Banishing Blade available, you’ve got something good for you. Beyond there, it ought to be your typical offense: Quick Hit if possible, and just basic physicals or high-power Magic (Ultima recommended obviously!) otherwise. Heal when needed, of course, and be sure to remove any ailments that pop up (and remove Zombie before healing!).

The second form (after the 60,000 HP) isn’t much different: there’s an 11% boost in Strength and doubled HP, but that’s about it. You’ll also begin to see that Overdrive more since it’s likely you’ll have used Tidus’s two Talks by then, especially if you’re not vigilant in eliminating Pagodas. When you do see it coming, send out an Aeon as cannon fodder (remember to Shield), and then Dismiss them lest it get used again later. So, in effect, a longer, slightly-harder grind.

The Pagodas will charge the Overdrive. When the meter is full, Jecht will unleash Jecht Bomber, a rather powerful attack.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY - ZOMBIE: Unlike the Poison strategy, Zombification works a lot better, but only if you can keep a Pagoda dead for a while. As usual, you’ll need to have Zombie Attack or Zombietouch/strike to inflict the Zombie status. From there on out, keep someone blasting the Pagoda with whatever they can. Other than that, you can attack the Zombie in the obvious ways: Regen, Curaga, X-Potions, and the like work exceptionally well - especially Curaga under the Break Damage Limit ability!

And that, dear readers, sums up the main walkthrough of Final Fantasy X HD. After having gone beyond the fight with Braska’s Final Aeon, you will then end up fighting your Aeons, even optional ones and Yu Yevon in sequential order. However, these fights are impossible to lose as you will always be in the Auto-Life state for these fights, even after revival, so it’s just a super-long grind at even the lowest of levels. You can manage more than enough, I assure you.

And with that, congratulations on beating Final Fantasy X HD!

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The Eternal Calm

Defeat Yu Yevon.


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