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Black Magic Spells

Jarrod Garripoli

Black Magic is one of the main four commands that have a subset of abilities. You will find the majority of Black Magic spells in Lulu’s section of the Sphere Grid, although there are a few in others. All of the Black Magic spells can be used with Lulu’s Fury Overdrive. With the exception of Ultima and Demi, all of the Black Magic spells only target a single character.

Spell MP Description Sphere Grid Section
Fire 4 Minor fire elemental damage Lulu
Blizzard 4 Minor ice elemental damage Lulu
Thunder 4 Minor lightning elemental damage Lulu
Water 4 Minor water elemental damage Lulu
Fira 8 Moderate fire elemental damage Lulu
Blizzara 8 Moderate ice elemental damage Lulu
Thundara 8 Moderate lightning elemental damage Lulu
Watera 8 Moderate water elemental damage Lulu
Firaga 16 Major fire elemental damage Lulu
Blizzaga 16 Major ice elemental damage Lulu
Thundaga 16 Major lightning elemental damage Lulu
Waterga 16 Major water elemental damage Lulu
Bio 10 Inflicts poison on an enemy Lulu
Demi 32 Reduces current HP of all enemies by 1/4 Lulu
Death 20 Inflicts Death on an enemy Lulu
Drain 12 Absorbs HP from target to restore own HP Wakka
Osmose 0 Absorbs MP from target to restore own MP Wakka
Flare 54 Extreme non-elemental damage Lulu
Ultima 90 Extreme non-elemental damage to all enemies Kimahri

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