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Spirit Lance

Jarrod Garripoli

You will find the Spirit Lance on the Thunder Plains, which will require you to complete a little mini-quest with the glowing stones. Throughout the area, there will be stones that will be glowing periodically. You will need to walk up to the stone while they’re glowing and pray at them, which is done with the Square (Playstation)/X (Xbox)/Y (Switch) button. There are two stones in the southern portion of the Thunder Plains, and six in the northern half. All of them are in plain sight, except for the one hidden in a small alcove on the right side of the map in the southern half.

(1 of 2) The location of the broken tower you need to pray at

The location of the broken tower you need to pray at (left), Open the chest that appears to be rewarded with the Spirit Lance (right)

In order to get the chest with the weapon to spawn, you will need to pray at three of these stones. Note that you might be trying to get to a glowing stone and have it stop glowing, so keep trying (especially in the northern half) until you manage to get it. Praying at three glowing stones will cause a Cactuar ghost to spawn in the southern half and following it will lead you to a broken lightning rod tower on the right side of the map. Pray at this broken tower to make the chest with the Spirit Lance spawn and if you have the Celestial Mirror, then you can open it.

Fully powered up, the abilities for the Spirit Lance are:

  • Break Damage Limit
  • Triple Overdrive
  • Double AP
  • Evade & Counter

Saturn Crest

You won’t gain access to the Saturn Crest until you reach Mount Gagazet. After defeating the [one boss] there, you will pass by some pillars on the way to the entrance of the Gagazet Cave. On the left side, in between two of the pillars, is a hidden chest and inside the chest will be the Saturn Crest.

Saturn Sigil

The Saturn Sigil will require you to complete the Butterfly Catcher minigame in Macalania Woods, but only after getting full control of the airship. This can be an annoying minigame, especially because you can’t touch any of the red butterflies. It can also be a little hard to see, due to the area not being the brightest. You will need to complete both screens without leaving the Macalania Woods, in order to earn the Saturn Sigil. You know you touched a blue butterfly whenever you see an image of a chest. Also, you can freely explore the area upon touching all seven blue butterflies. If not, then you will be sent back to the beginning.


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