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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

Wakka Overview

Jarrod Garripoli

Wakka is one of the guardians of Yuna, as well as the captain of the Besaid Aurochs, a Blitzball team. Having never won a game, Wakka takes a shining towards Tidus, as he is impressed by his Blitzball skills. He is not fond at all for machina, which extends to the Al Bhed, because of what happened to his brother, Chappu. He grew up with both Lulu and Yuna in Besaid, making them great friends.


Wakka uses a Blitzball as his weapon and because of that, he is the only character who can hit out-of-range targets with normal attacks. He has high Accuracy, making him ideal to hit flying enemies, as well as Strength. He also has the highest base Luck in the game, which also helps with his accuracy. His skills will help in applying status ailments to enemies, with the Buster versions always inflicting the ailment, but only for a single turn.

Sphere Grid

You will find a lot of Accuracy, Strength and HP on Wakka’s section of the Sphere Grid, along with some Magic, MP and Agility. The last two stats, Evasion and Magic Defense are on the low side. The skills he learns are good for inflicting certain ailments, but they do tend to be more situational than anything. He also learns two Black Magic spells, Drain and Osmose, but they don’t really benefit him much. Triple Foul, the final skill in his section, is a combo of the three normal skills he gains. Wakka’s section will run into Auron’s, which is good, since that will net him more Strength.

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