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Cloister of Trials: Macalania

Jarrod Garripoli

The Cloister of Trials in Macalania can be really annoying, as it will require you to basically do it twice to get the treasure within. When you step inside the Cloister of Trials, you will see a long ice bridge ahead of you, with some stairs on the far end. Attempting to cross the ice bridge will cause it to disappear, putting you at the beginning and creating an opening to a ramp that leads down to the proper puzzle. When you get down there, look for the pedestal that’s sitting out in the open. There will be a pillar just north of it, which has a Glyph Sphere in it, so take it out and place it in the pedestal.

(1 of 2) Take the Glyph Sphere out of this pillar

Take the Glyph Sphere out of this pillar (left), where it will eventually be placed in the receptacle here (right)

With the sphere in the pedestal, push it to the right, where it will be stopped by the ice. From there, push the pedestal again to the north, where it will break through some ice and slide down a ramp. Head down the ramp that appeared and remove the Glyph Sphere from the pedestal, placing it in the far left receptacle. This will cause a platform to rise up that will become important in a little bit. Head to that platform and take the sphere out of it to see it’s a Macalania Sphere. With it in hand, return downstairs and place it in the left pillar to cause a piece of the ice bridge to reappear.

Upstairs, on the far right side is another Macalania Sphere, so grab it and put it in the pedestal downstairs. You can now push the pedestal to the right, where it will connect to the pillar on the right and reform another section of the ice bridge. At the top of the ramp leading to the downstairs section, there is one more Macalania Sphere. You can remove it and place the sphere in the middle pillar, where you first took out the Glyph Sphere at the beginning. If you want to finish up with the Cloister of Trials, you are done now, as the ice bridge is completely formed and you can reach the stairs on the other side.

Temple Treasure

However, there is still the temple treasure, so if you wish to get it, then you have more work cut out for you. Head back up to the beginning of the temple and you should see a glyph on the ground right before crossing the ice bridge. Stepping on this will bring the pedestal up here, so do that now. Push the pedestal, which should have a Macalania Sphere in it, down the large ramp and it will hit the glyph halfway down, shooting across the screen. What this actually did is change the Macalania Sphere into a Destruction Sphere, so head down to the main area and step on the one glyph there to ground the pedestal.

Before messing with the Destruction Sphere, take the Macalania Sphere out of the middle pillar and place it at the spot that forms the ramp leading downstairs. Go down there, grab the Macalania Sphere from the left pillar and place it on the right side in the upstairs area. This will create some ice, which will be used in a little bit. Take the Destruction Sphere out of the pedestal, head down the ramp and place it in the receptacle to the right of the left pillar. You should now see the chest, so open it for a Luck Sphere, which means you’re done here, but the ice bridge is now no more.

(1 of 2) Touch the glyph on the right here to move the pedestal right there

Touch the glyph on the right here to move the pedestal right there (left), Place the Destruction Sphere here to reveal the temple treasure (right)

To fix it, remove the Destruction Sphere and place it back in the pedestal. Return to the beginning, hit the glyph there and push the pedestal back down the big ramp, turning the sphere back into a Macalania Sphere. Touch the glyph in the main area to return the pedestal to its original spot, then push it right and north to get it back downstairs. You can push it to the right down here, placing it back to form a piece of the ice bridge. Return upstairs, grab the sphere from the right side and put it in the pillar downstairs. All that is left is the sphere forming the downstairs ramp, which can be placed in the pillar in the main area.

The ice bridge should be finished once again, so head up there and cross it. Go up the stairs and you will be out of the cloister of trials now. Descend the stairs for a scene, then it’s time to escape from Macalania.

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