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Sin's Core

Jarrod Garripoli


HP Overkill AP Weak Strong
36,000 3,000 18,000 Nothing Nothing

Item Drops

Common Drop Rare Drop Common Steal Rare Steal
MP Sphere MP Sphere Stamina Spring (x3) Stamina Spring (x4)

The next boss is a bit of two-for-one, with Sinspawn Genais and Sin’s Core. Sinspawn Genais is similar to Sinspawn Geneaux in appearance, except it will begin the battle out of its shell. Any magic sent towards the Core will be intercepted by Genais, so you will need to dispose of it before you can go after the Core. While out and about, Genais will use Venom twice on a single party member (inflicts Poison), then use Thrashing, which hits all party members. If you use magic on Genais, then it will counter with Waterga. The Core will do nothing while Genais is out of its shell, so don’t worry about it.

However, once you drop Genais’ HP below 50%, then it will retreat into its shell and any attack on it will cause it to counter with Cura. While in its shell, Genais will attack with Sigh on each of its turns, which is magical damage and hits the entire party, while also inflicting Darkness. While Genais is in its shell, the Core will begin charging and using Gravija, which has the same effect as the Left/Right Fins. Note that if you’re not outdamaging the Curas from Genais, then it will come out of its shell again when it goes above 12,000 HP. This will also make the battle a lot harder, but you should be more than strong enough to outdamage the heals.

Both Genais and Sin’s Core are armored enemies, but only the Core is susceptible to Armor Break. Genais is weak to Fire, so Firaga should deal some good damage to it, despite the Waterga counter. Once you defeat Genais, the Core will be vulnerable to melee attacks. You will sometimes receive a counter from the Core, in the form of a tier 1 elemental spell that hits the entire party. You might also see Negation being used here, sometimes more than once in a row. Overall, the Core and Genais is not a difficult boss, once you can manage to defeat Genais.


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