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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster


Jarrod Garripoli


HP Overkill AP Weak Strong
850,000 99,999 10,000 Nothing Fire/Ice/Thunder/Water (Halves)

Item Drops

Common Drop Rare Drop Common Steal Rare Steal
Agility Sphere (x1) Dark Matter (x1) Chocobo Feather (x2) Chocobo Wing

How To Unlock

Capture at least three of the following fiends: [Bandersnatch], [Dingo], [Garm], [Mi’ihen Fang], [Sand Wolf], [Skoll], and [Snow Wolf].

Boss Analysis

Fenrir is like all of the wolf-type enemies, as it is extremely agile and evasive. Because of this, a lot of normal attacks will likely miss the creature, plus Fenrir can counterattack. While most of its moves are annoying in some manner, all of them only target a single character. Fangs of Ruin is a strong normal attack with no strings attached, although Fenrir seems to only use this if at least one character is confused. Fangs of Chaos will hit the character for almost all of their health (it’s gravity-based), plus it can Confuse that character. Fangs of Hell will instantly KO a character (or Aeon), even if they have Deathproof or Ribbon on their armor.


The toughest part about this battle is overcoming Fenrir’s Agility, as it is very fast and will get a lot of turns. Magic isn’t all too good against it, since it will cut the damage from the main four elements in half. You will want Ribbon/Confuseproof because of Fangs of Chaos, even though the former will not protect you from its instant death attack. Since it can’t KO more than one character, Auto-Phoenix works phenomonally in this bout. If you happen to have Auto-Potion and nothing but X-Potions, that will also take care of the gravity-based damage from Fangs of Chaos.

The best way to deal damage is with something like Overdrives, particularly Wakka and Tidus’. With a high enough Strength, either one of them should be more than enough to take down Fenrir without having to worry about attacks. A quick trick to farm the Agility Spheres from Fenrir is to have Entrust on all of the characters participating, then set their Overdrive Mode to Victor. Have Tidus or Wakka use their Overdrive and should it defeat Fenrir, then they will gain half of it back upon completing the battle. For the next fight, use Entrust to give the other half of their Overdrive to one of the above, so they can do it again.

Fenrir has very high agility so your attacks will miss a lot of the time. Watch out for Fangs of Chaos.

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