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Sinspawn Geneaux

Jarrod Garripoli


HP Overkill AP Weak Strong
3,000 900 48 Fire Water (Absorbs)

Item Drops

Common Drop Rare Drop
Power Sphere (x2) Power Sphere (x3)

This Sinspawn has a main body, but it’s inside of a shell and won’t come out until you’ve done enough damage to it. Unfortunately, the shell protecting the main body is strong against physical attacks and you won’t be able to use magic on it, either. The reason for the latter is because of the two Tentacles will intercept any magic thrown at the main body, until they are defeated. The only thing the Tentacles will do is attack a character physically. They have 450 HP, takes half damage from thunder and ice, and absorb water.

Every two turns, the main body will attack with Sigh while the shell is still around it, dealing around 125 damage to the entire party. Once the Tentacles are gone, bring in Lulu (if she’s not in) and begin use Fire on the main body. Whenever you bring its HP under 2,400 or so, the shell will open and reveal the true body of Sinspawn Geneaux, meaning it will be vulnerable to physical attacks now. It also stops using Sigh and will begin using other skills. Venom will be used against the party member with the highest HP, dealing around 110 damage and also poisoning the character.

Geneaux also has access to Water, which will always target the party member with the lowest HP. As with the previous fight, you can use NulTide with Yuna to block one casting of Water, but you know that the boss will always target the character with the lowest HP. One final attack that Geneaux can do is called Staccato, a skill that hits all characters for around 110 damage or so. This is a physical attack, so you can reduce its damage by having Tidus use Cheer. The boss’ main body is weak to fire, so you can use Lulu’s Black Magic to deal some good damage to it. As long as you keep up on healing, you shouldn’t have any real trouble with this boss.


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