Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

Lord Ochu

Jarrod Garripoli


HP Overkill AP Weak Strong
4,649 800 40 Fire Nothing

Item Drops

Common Drop Rare Drop Common Steal Rare Steal
MP Sphere (x1) HP Sphere (x1) Potion Potion

The fight against Lord Ochu can be a bit troublesome, especially if you didn’t take the tip to grind a little bit at the beginning of Kilika Woods. Water is one of its attacks, which can deal quite a bit of damage to a single character, but you have two ways to completely remove this spell from its arsenal. If you have Silence Attack on Wakka, then that will make it so Ochu can’t use the spell. Should you have NulTide on Yuna (party-wide spell), using that will make Water do zero damage. However, it will only negate a single Water spell, so if you don’t cast it again on the character hit, then they will take damage the second time.

Another skill that Lord Ochu has include Poison Claw, which doesn’t deal much damage by itself, but it can poison your character. If you didn’t notice the poison from the Killer Bee earlier, then you will want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Poison in Final Fantasy X will tick off 25% of a characters max HP every turn they get, so either toss an Antidote or use Yuna’s Esuna spell. At some point during the battle, around when the boss loses 2,500 HP, Lord Ochu will fall asleep and gain Regen. The boss has 4,649 HP, so it can potentially get Regen ticks upwards of 464 each time, although it is completely random.

Magic attacks will not wake up Lord Ochu while it is sleeping, but physical attacks will. Should you happen to wake it up, though, then it will counter with Earthquake, a skill that will reduce your health by half of your max HP. After using Earthquake, it will fall asleep again at the same threshold as above, if it has regained enough HP from the Regen. Otherwise, it will resort to using both Water and Poison Claw once more. Lord Ochu is weak to fire, so Lulu should be in the fight the entire time, pelting it with magic. Also, if you are having trouble with the battle, you can always use Flee to leave, grind some and come back to try again.

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