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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

Jumbo Flan

Jarrod Garripoli

Jumbo Flan


HP Overkill AP Weak Strong
1,300,000 99,999 10,000 Nothing Fire/Ice/Thunder/Water (Absorbs)

Item Drops

Common Drop Rare Drop Common Steal Rare Steal
Magic Sphere Dark Matter Lunar Curtain (x4) Mana Tablet

How To Unlock

Capture at least three each of the Flan-type enemies:


Jumbo Flan is one of the more annoying Species Creations, since there are quite a few things for which you need to prepare. First of all, it is immune to all physical attacks, so normal attacks will not work on it at all and there’s no way to remove this. Second, it will absorb all elemental attacks, except for Holy, but Holy is a bit expensive (unless you have One MP Cost). Also, it has Auto-Reflect, so even if you wanted to use Holy, you’d need to cast Reflect on one of your party members, then cast it on them to hit the Jumbo Flan. In fact, this is a viable strategy, since you can get someone like Yuna or Lulu, who will have One MP Cost on their Celestial Weapons.

The other two characters will need the Copycat Special, which costs a lot less than using Holy on its own. The biggest problem with Holy is that it’s a White Magic spell, so it cannot be used in conjunction with Doublecast. Alternatives to this are combining Doublecast with Flare, but that needs the Reflect strategy, too. Ultima also works, plus it cannot be reflected at all, so you won’t have to cast Reflect on anyone. However, you might still want to cast Reflect on one character, then bounce Slow off of them and onto Jumbo Flan, since it is susceptible to that spell. If you don’t wish to use Reflect at all, then you could also use the Silver/Gold Hourglass items.

As far as the Jumbo Flan’s offensive capabilities, it will reflect the -ga tier spells off of itself and onto a random party member. It also has access to both Flare and Ultima, both powerful spells. Once Jumbo Flan goes below half health, it will only use Flare and Ultima. Also, you will see Jumbo Flan cast Reflect on one of your characters, then bounce Curaga back onto itself. Once it goes under 25% health, then Jumbo Flan will only use Ultima, then it will try to bounce back Regen. Naturally, since it has a high HP pool, you will want to Dispel the Regen to avoid having it regain too much health back.

If you don’t want to use your characters, Anima is another option that can be used to help take down Jumbo Flan, but Yuna needs to be built up in order for Anima to have high enough stats. Note that Anima should know Haste, Shell, Curaga, and Dispel, although Focus might be something else you want to add to her, but it’s not needed. When you start the battle, you cast Reflect on someone and bounce Slow back to the Jumbo Flan. You then have Yuna summon Anima, then have her use Haste and Shell on herself. Now, the only attack you will be using against Jumbo Flan is Pain, which is magical in nature, pretty strong and ignores defenses. You will use Curaga if you need to heal, and Dispel on Jumbo Flan whenever it uses Regen on itself.

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