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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster


Jarrod Garripoli


HP Overkill AP Weak Strong
100,000 99,999 10,000 Nothing Nothing

Item Drops

Common Drop Rare Drop Common Steal Rare Steal
Evasion Sphere (x1) Dark Matter (x1) Smoke Bomb (x4) Candle of Life

How To Unlock

Capture at least five of the following fiends: Condor, Simurgh, and Alcyone

Boss Analysis

Pteryx only uses two attacks. One of them is a basic Beak attack that hits a character and causes a delay in their next turn, while Beak of Woe can hit one or everyone and induce Curse. It also ignores Protect. Note that Pteryx has Auto Regen, which can be annoying, but with the lower HP it has, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


Depending on when you fight Pteryx, it can be annoying or a little easier on you. With only 100,000 HP, it probably isn’t going to stay alive too long, especially if you decide to use Blitz Ace or Attack Reels. It will open up by hitting everyone with Beak of Woe, which can inflict Curse. The only problem with Curse is that Ribbon doesn’t protect against it, and getting Curseproof on armors requires you to farm for Tetra Elementals, which is a rare steal only from [Master Tonberries] in Omega Ruins. The only thing Curse does is prevent you from using Overdrives, which can be a huge hindrance if you’re relying on those to defeat this fiend. Dispel and Holy Waters can also cure Curse.

Other than the above, you will want a higher accuracy on your characters, although Overdrives will always hit. Outside of Beak of Woe, having Auto-Protect can be nice for its regular beak attack. Outside of the Curse, Pteryx could be one of the gatekeepers in dealing with the Creations in the Monster Arena. You will definitely want to likely tackle it after getting more Accuracy and maybe some Agility, too.

Beak of Woe will be used to inflict Curse on everyone. Once everyone is Cursed, it will revert to the normal Beak attack.

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