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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

Magus Sisters (Remiem)

Jarrod Garripoli


HP Overkill Weak Strong
48,000 (Cindy) 48,000 Nothing Nothing
20,000 (Mindy) 20,000 Nothing Nothing
35,000 (Sandy) 35,000 Nothing Nothing


First Time Subsequent Times
Shining Gem (x40) Power Sphere (x12)

The Magus Sisters will be your biggest threat, since there’s three of them and only one Aeon on your side. Sandy is rather basic, as she only has a physical attack and a stronger attack called Razzia. It’s when you get to the other two that things get a bit more complicated. Cindy has a wide variety of skills, both offensive and defensive, although she does skew a bit more towards the defensive side. She can buff her and her sisters with Mighty Guard, plus she also has the single versions of those buffs (Protect and Shell). You might also see Regen pop up, as well as Cura and White Wind.

For attacking spells, Cindy has Demi, Dispel, Drain, Osmose and Holy. Her special attack, Camisade, can hit hard if you’re not prepared enough. If all three sisters are active and have a full Overdrive gauge, then Cindy will be the one to execute their Overdrive, Delta Attack. Mindy is the small sister and has access to a lot of magic. In fact, when she’s above 25% HP, she will use the tier 2 elemental spells and Flare; when below that amount, she will switch the elemental spells to tier 3 and replace Flare with Ultima.

The goal of this final battle with Belgemine is to try and get rid of the sisters quickly, before Cindy has a chance to get her defensive spells out. Anima or Bahamut are probably the best options, especially because their Overdrives are very powerful and do more damage than 9,999. In fact, a Mega Flare from Bahamut will probably take out Mindy from the start and possibly Sandy, if you have built up Yuna well. If not, then you can nuke them with spells. You should never use Impulse or Pain, since they are slow moves and can lead to the Magus Sisters getting more turns than necessary.

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