Monster Name Notes
Black Element No weaknesses
Floating Death No weaknesses
Great Marlboro Weak to Fire, strong
Halma Weak to Fire
Machea No weaknesses
Master Coeurl No weaknesses
Master Tonberry No weaknesses, very strong
Mimic (Basilisk) No weaknesses, strong
Adamantoise Strong, no weaknesses
Demonolith Weak to Holy, strong
Monster Name Notes
Mimic (Dual Horn) No weaknesses, strong
Mimic (Garuda) No weaknesses, strong
Mimic (Machina) No weaknesses
Puroboros No weaknesses
Spirit No weaknesses
Varuna No weaknesses, strong
Zaurus No weaknesses

FINDING THE OMEGA RUINS : In case you don’t know, to find the Omega Ruins, you need to go to the bridge of the airship after getting it. When searching the map of Spira manually (like the X,Y,Z coordinates), look for X from 71~73 and Y from 35~36 and press X to find the Omega Ruins.

SOME PREPARATORY NOTES : Note that the Omega Ruins are THE hardest dungeon of the game. While the Monster Arena is admittedly better than these guys, and the Dark Aeons are absolutely BRUTAL, the Omega Ruins can best even the best while unprepared. At the ULTIMATE least, I would recommend having someone with Flee and a First Strike weapon; unless you’re rather powerful, the Great Malboros here will always ambush you, always use Bad Breath, and then basically let you kill yourself - you need to flee from that battle, pretty much, in my opinion. You will also want a No-Encounters piece of equipment (such as the one dropped by Geosgaeno in the Baaj Temple). Why? Well, if you’re underleveled, you can at least get some treasures. If you’re like me, you’ll play without it up to the near-end, then equip it to go to the Save Sphere and back, then beat the boss at the end. =P Just sayin’.

You can find Glyphs around the ruins. Touch them to open up new areas. There are of course chests and a Primer inside too.

EXPLANATION OF RANDOMIZED CHESTS : As far as I understand it, according to the Ultimania guide from FFX on the PS2 (note - no evidence for presence in FFX HD), the chests are randomized and limited to 2~4 chests per room. In a room, the odds are 1 in (X+1) for a chest being trapped or none being trapped, “X” being the number of chests in a room. For example, in a 2-chest room, there’s a 1/3 (33%) chance for one chest to trapped, 1/3 for another to be trapped, and 1/3 for none to be trapped. By extension, there’s a 67% chance for one chest to be trapped in a 2-chest room, 75% for a 3-chest room, and 80% for a 4-chest room. So, what can these chests contain? As far as is known…

  • **Cactuar Wizard** for Lulu (Half MP Cost)
  • **Defending Armlet** for Kimahri (Stoneproof, Poisonproof, Blank Slot, Blank Slot)
  • **Defending Bracer** for Auron (Silenceproof, Darkproof, Blank Slot, Blank Slot)
  • **Friend Sphere x2**
  • **Lv. 3 Key Sphere x2**
  • **Lv. 4 Key Sphere x1**
  • **Phantom Ring** for Yuna (Ice Eater, Fire Eater, Lightning Eater, Blank Slot)
  • **Turnover** for Wakka (Magic Counter, Counterattack)
  • **Warmonger** for Auron (Double AP, Double Overdrive)
  • **Warp Sphere x99** (holy crap!)

When you arrive, make quick use of that Save Sphere nearby - you will not - yes, will not - see another one for the remainder of the dungeon.

Touch this Glyph to open up a path to a Teleport Sphere. Finally, found the platform to teleport up to the Ultima Weapon area.

Just north of the start is a three-way fork. If you go east, you’ll find some of those random treasures I noted earlier - they’re random, so don’t bother asking me. Go west of the start to find some morerandom chests, then go northwest from there. You’ll soon come to a “T”-junction (you’ll notice if you zig-zag along the path lol). Go west of there to find more randomized chests, then return to the fork and head east. As you go down the incline to some more random treasures, also note the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXVI at the northeast side of the clearing. That’ll be the last one if you’ve followed the guide insofar!

Go northwest from the clearing now and along the incline. Touch the glyph down at the bottom, then go back to the clearing. Go south and to the top of the ramp and touch that glyph on the stone panel. This will lead you southwest to a Teleport Sphere . Return to the clearing and go along the path to the east. Approach the platform and rise up, then continue along to find a boss!

Trophy/Achievement Icon
Master Linguist

Find all 26 Al Bhed Primers.

Trophy icon

BOSS - Ultima Weapon

BOSS ANALYSIS : While “Ultima” can always be interpreted as a shortening of “Ultimate”, this by no means is the strongest enemy of the Omega Ruins. Still, he has a pretty nasty moveset. There’s a basic physical, Shimmering Rain (all; unblockable), Core Energy (targets one), and Holy for his damaging offense. Expected damages are hugely variable, mostly because people have done different things by this point, like some may have done the Monster Arena or Dark Aeon quests or something or not. However, Holy is the strongest of the attacks, typically double or more the damage of his other attacks. Anyhow. Ultima Weapon also can use Break, Sleep, Silence, and Confuse on you to induce ailments, so Auto-Med or Ribbon armors are nice. … Oh, and by the by, Ultima has a set move pattern:

  • Basic Attack
  • Silence or Break (50/50 chance)
  • Core Energy
  • Holy, Confuse, or Sleep (33/33/33 chances)
  • Basic Attack
  • Shimmering Rain
  • Loop from here

Steal from Ultima Weapon because Door to Tomorrows are very helpful. If you can Silence Ultima Weapon, you can prevent his strongest attacks.

MAIN STRATEGY : Usual stuff to begin with - Hastega, Protect, and Shell. Mighty G or Super Mighty G also work nice enough and save a couple of turns. Reflect is also worth consideration to bounce back Confuse, Sleep, and Silence. You’ll generally want to begin a generic offense like you would against the normal enemies in this area: just your best hitting people (or the Magus Sisters). From there, not a lot to say, other than to heal when needed. You may want to consider throwing up Dark/Silence buster, too, to help in the prevention of physical and magical attacks.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY - DOOM : Not a lot to say about this reaaaaaaally slow strategy. This boss is vulnerable to Doom, which you can give out through Candles of Life, mostly. This boss will die in 99 turns that way. It’s extremely slow, but it gives you a great chance to win so long as you apply one of the Mighty G’s and keep your HP high, since you don’t need to keep an offense up.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY - BRIBE : I kid you not, this is pretty much the one boss vulnerable to Bribe. To Bribe Ultima Weapon, you need to give it no less than 1,000,000 (one million) Gil. That’s quite a bit, eh? In any case, that will be an instant win, and it also lets you get 99 Pendulum items, which are useful enough in themselves to be worth the 1,000,000 Gil.

After the battle, heal up (maybe?) and go forward to the next (and brighter) part of the ruins.

This area is basically a winding spiral of platforms connected by bridges, heading all down to the boss. Begin by going west to grab a Friend Sphere , then simply go along the platforms to the east for a long while … to the bottom.

Head west at this point to grab the Friend Sphere then head east. At every platform you will have to fight a monster from the ruins.

BOSS - Omega Weapon

BOSS ANALYSIS : This boss will be nothing short of a b****-slap to the face of those who played the original U.S. version of FFX (such as yours truly) and assumed outright they could come here at the same levels as they did then. Hell no. The International Omega Weapon was much harder, boasting just over 10 times more HP and stat boosts ranging from 10% (Defense) to ~20% (Strength) to 300% (Magic Defense). Yeah. You’ve got trouble.

Anyhow, my sentimental rage aside. Unlike the similar-looking Ultima Weapon, most of Omega’s offense is different and is random. It can use a basic physical, Shimmering Rain, Core Energy, Ultima, and Nova (non-elemental to all, like Ultima) for some severe damage. Notably, Nova can be Lanceted by Kimahri as it is an Overdrive for him. You’ll also see Demi to cut off 25% of your current HP, Break to petrify, and Confuse to confuse.

MAIN STRATEGY : There’s no real way to cut corners here. You can cast Doom and wait out 222 turns, but that’s going to take a while. There’s also Trio of 9999, but that’s essentially 101 turns of combat. When you fight Omega, expect to come in with stats of 110+ and Break Damage Limit/Celestial Weapons. Otherwise, don’t bother with him.

Don’t forget to Lancet with Kimahri to get Nova. Nova itself can be devastating if you have low magic defense or low health. Auto-Life is a must.

Open with the usual stuff: Protect, Shell, Regen, and Hastega. Super Mighty G and Hyper Mighty G are recommended as opening Mixes for this stuff. Have Kimahri open the fight with Lancet, and then Nova if he’s decent; otherwise, just swap him out for someone else. After that point, just wail on the boss. Avoid elemental attacks, since he absorbs those, and simply just keep up an offense with a Curaga and Auto-Life as necessary. From there on out, I can’t really say much in the way of strategy, simply because your generic “attack-‘n’-heal” offense is all you’re really given.

You can try Trio of 9999 with some various multi-hit attacks for some nice damage. Flare Fury still works, and Blitz Ace also is good, each hitting for about 80,000~90,000 damage, which is about 10%. Attack Reels from Wakka is the best if you can manage to line up 2x-2x-2x for twelve attacks (nearly 120,000 damage). If Rikku gets another Mix (like by Entrust), you might be able to get one of her nine-hit Mixes (like Lightning Bolt) to work for about 90,000 damage. If you’re going to opt for such a Trio of 9999-oriented offense, be sure to have the Entrust ability and the Overdrive mode Comrade (easier gauge buildup than simply Stoic). It can work, but it will still be a bit difficult.

You also might have some luck just using the Magus Sisters. But, basically, anything you can get to do a ton of damage is a good idea, but never let your HP fall too low!

After that, you can pat yourself on the back - short of the Monster Arena and Dark Aeons, you’ve beaten one of the hardest bosses in FFX! Remember to go back to the area where you fought Omega for the almighty … Magic Sphere?

throw Vita at a wall

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