You’ll end up on the deck of some Salvage Ship after the encounter with Klikk. There, speak with the girl from earlier and she’ll speak about the Sphere Grid. As you probably already have gathered, there are two Sphere Grids in FFX HD, the Standard Sphere Grid and the Expert Sphere Grid.

(1 of 2) You’ll be introduced to the Sphere Grid here

You’ll be introduced to the Sphere Grid here (left), so pay attention to the tutorial (right)

Sphere Grid Tutorial

The Sphere Grid is the means by which you will power up your characters in the game. If you ever played the original FFX on the PS2, then the Standard Sphere Grid will closely model that one. Each of the characters are in their own area on the Sphere Grid, and eventually, they will be able to explore the other characters’ paths. The Expert Sphere Grid, on the other hand, will have all of your characters starting out in the middle, and you will be able to send them down whichever path they want. For example, you could make Tidus a Black Mage on the Expert Sphere Grid, if you wanted.

Note: There are around 55 less nodes on the Expert Sphere Grid, making it a lot harder to max stats.

As characters participate in battle, they will earn AP and once they reach certain thresholds, they will gain a Sphere Level (or S. Lv for short). When a character has a Sphere Level, then they will be able to move on the Sphere Grid. Upon landing on, or adjacent, to a node with a stat or ability, they can use one of the corresponding spheres to learn that stat or ability. Note that you can only move one spot on an untravelled path per S. Lv, but up to four spots on an already travelled path per S. Lv. The character will need to perform an action (whether attacking, defending or using an item, as examples) in order to earn AP after the battle is complete.

You should have a Sphere Level on Tidus right now, so you’ll be able to move and get the Cheer ability with him. This can be a very nice skill for Tidus, once you understand the mechanics of it. Whenever you use Cheer in battle, it will buff all characters, but it doesn’t tell you how. The basics of Cheer is that it increases the strength and physical defense of your characters, which will last for the entire battle or if that character gets KO’ed. Its effect stacks up to five times and if you do that, then you could cut physical damage by one-fifth. Note that there is one NPC on the right who will ask you something in Al Bhed and if you say yes, then you will have to sit through the Sphere Grid tutorial again.

(1 of 2) Speak to this NPC to get three free Potions

Speak to this NPC to get three free Potions (left), You can find a Primer in the corner to help better understand the Al Bhed language (right)

After, speak with the northwestern guy on the ship for three Potions , then examine the whitish object on the deck nearby to find Al Bhed Primer Vol. I - this will fill in some of the letters in Al Bhed conservations. You will find them throughout the game, usually lying on the ground, so you want to keep an eye out for them. There will be 26 Primers to be found, with each one corresponding to a letter from the Roman alphabet. All but four of those will be missable, although a warning for the missable ones will be pointed out. You will also receive a rank whenever you reach certain thresholds, which does nothing, but finding the first Primer gets you the Al Bhed Hujela (Novice) rank. Anyhow, speak with the girl who gave the tutorial again to dive underwater.

Note: Some Al Bhed Primers, although they might seem missable, will have alternate locations later on in the game. One such example is Vol. 1, which can be found in another location if you didn’t pick it up here.

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Speaking in Tongues

Find 1 Al Bhed Primer.


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