Final Fantasy X HD Remaster


Jarrod Garripoli


HP Overkill AP Weak Strong
6,000 600 36 Thunder Fire, Ice, Water, Holy (Halves)

Item Drops

Common Drop Rare Drop Common Steal Rare Steal
Elixir (x1) Elixir (x2) Potion Potion

The Oblitzerator can be an annoying boss, depending on your luck, as it can counter-attack anything you do against it with specific skills. If you use physical attacks, it will counter with Blind Ball, inflicting Darkness. Should you use magic, then it will counter with Mute Ball, inflicting Silence. Even things like Overdrives can be countered with Doze Ball, inflicting Sleep. The luck comes in because the counters are not 100%, so there is a chance you might not even see a single one during the entire battle. Despite these counters, you can go through the majority of the battle without having to touch the boss.

At the beginning, Tidus should point out the crane to your right and that you can use it. This sets a Trigger Command to use the crane, but doing so at the start will result in nothing happening, as the crane needs power. You will need to use Lulu to cast Thunder three times on the crane before it will become functional. However, the boss will not sit idly by, as on its turn, the machine will use Blitzball Rush on your party. This will randomly hit all characters for some pretty big damage, so be ready to heal any characters at low health.

Tidus should focus on using Cheer to increase his and Kimahri’s strength, while also increasing the party’s physical defense, to help protect from Blitzball Rush. Meanwhile, he should also use Haste on Lulu (you should have this by now) and she can either use Thunder or Focus to up her magical power. Once the crane has been sufficiently powered, use the Trigger Command to deplete the majority of the boss’ health. Doing this will also get rid of the counterattacks and Blitzball Rush, so it will be a free battle.

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