BOSS ANALYSIS : This boss loves elemental attacks, so you’re going to see a lot of those here. It’s basically uses elementals whose strength are on the level of the “-ra” spells - Megiddo Flame (basically Fira), Blizzara, Thundara, and Aqua Breath (basically Watera to all). There’s also a basic physical.

There is also a set pattern to the moves: Megiddo Flame, Blizzara/Thundara, Attack, and Aqua Breath, looping from there.

MAIN STRATEGY : This battle is ridiculously easy - then again, it’s actually the first of the Area Creations made available to you, fightable before even leaving the Calm Lands the first time. In any case, you’ll likely want to open with the Mix, Mighty G, if you’re having trouble; this puts up Protect and Shell, halving the boss’s attacks’ damage entirely. From there, you’ll want to cyclically cast NulBlaze, NulFrost or NulShock, and NulTide. After the first round, you’ll know which of the NulFrost/NulShock to cast, since one will always be missing for you to fill in. From there, heal whatever damage the basic physical does and wipe the floor with ‘im. Just don’t bother with a magical offense (barring Flare/Ultima/Holy) since he is immune to all elements.

This has standard Chimera attacks as you would expect.

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