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Mi'ihen Highroad North End

Jarrod Garripoli

The outcome of your battle with the Chocobo Eater determines where you end up after it. If you happen to defeat the creature, which this guide will go on, then you will regain control by the Travel Agency. If you got pushed off the edge by the boss, then you will resume control in the Oldroad section of the Mi’ihen Highroad and will have to do this section backwards. For now, head back to the Travel Agency and use the Save Sphere inside to restore your HP and MP, as well as save the game. Head outside and speak with the attendant by the entrance to get your Chocobo.

(1 of 2) Interact with the feather on the ground while riding to get the Heat Lance

Interact with the feather on the ground while riding to get the Heat Lance (left), It's easy to pass up Al Bhed Primer Vol. IX right on the trail (right)

For now, head north and keep going until you get to the screen with the U-turn right at the beginning. Towards the top portion of the turn, if you look closely on the ground, you should see a yellow object, which is a Chocobo feather. Examine this while riding the Chocobo to have it automatically jump up to a ledge and open a chest, containing a Heat Lance. A little farther ahead, in front of the post in the background, there is something on the ground, Al Bhed Primer Vol. IX. It’s a little hard to see, since the books are small and blend in with the environment some.


Enemies HP Notes
Bomb 850 Weak to Ice, Self-Destructs after taking damage three times
Dual Horn 1,875 Use Dark Attack and/or Power Break
Floating Eye 140 High magic defense
Ipiria 180 High magic defense
Thunder Flan 450 Weak to Water
Vouivre 255 Armored

Head to the next screen and there will be a chest on the left side, which holds 2 Hi-Potions. You should see a path leading southeast on this screen, so take it to appear on a thin trail. This is pretty straightforward, but there will be some feathers on the left side, right past the two ledges that are above you. This one will lead to a chest with a Thunder Blade inside, as well as a weapon for Wakka, a Scout. Continue south and onto the next screen, which is a little more open. Ignore the NPCs and keep going south, until you spot the little path heading northeast on your mini map.

There will be another feather here, so interact with it to begin the little journey to a chest with a Fortune Sphere. As you travel south a little more, you will find O’aka walking around on the path. Check his items if you want, although he doesn’t have much, then donate to him if you want. This will be your last chance to donate to him, so if you haven’t reached the 10,001 gil yet, do so now to get the discount later on. It’s not entirely a big deal, though, if you don’t have the money, as O’aka doesn’t exactly sell anything too important. There will be a Save Sphere just south of O’aka and at the end of the trail, you will find one final chest, which contains the Mars Crest, an item needed to unlock the full power of Auron’s Celestial Weapon.

(1 of 2) This feather here will get you to two chests

This feather here will get you to two chests (left), while this one will let you pick up a Fortune Sphere (right)

Return to the spot where you deviated down the Oldroad path and speak with Dona on the right side (may have to speak with her twice). Approach the cart blocking the road to the north for another scene, then speak to the one guard on the left. You can donate some money towards Operation Mi’ihen, but the rewards for doing so aren’t that great, so save it for something else. Head to the guard on the right side, above the previous one, and ask about the operation. Now, as you attempt to head back, you should trigger a cutscene that will allow you to pass through the Crusaders blockade, meaning you can now enter Mushroom Rock now.


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