Final Fantasy X HD Remaster


Jarrod Garripoli


HP Overkill AP Weak Strong
440,000 15,000 8,000 Nothing Nothing

Item Drops

Common Drop Rare Drop Common Steal Rare Steal
Healing Spring (x20) Dark Matter Stamina Spring (x4) Soul Spring (x2)


Capture at least one of every fiend on the Mi’ihen Highroad:


Kottos will immediately throw up its hands at the beginning of the battle, meaning it will counterattack any strike against it. On its normal turns, Kottos will attack the character with the highest Strength. That’s the entire offense from this fiend, as it has nothing else hidden up its sleeves. With that knowledge, you can control this battle a lot and it can be pretty easy to win it without needing too high of stats. Auto-Protect is a good idea on the attacking character’s armor, although it’s not really needed, especially because Kottos has pretty high strength.

If you stick to just one character doing the attacking, then you will want Auto-Phoenix on the other two characters’ armors, so as to not waste a turn reviving the attacker. You will want to start off with Hastega, then work on whittling down Kottos’ HP, which isn’t as high as other creations in the Monster Arena. Having the character with high Strength being someone like Wakka or Tidus is ideal, as they can attack with their multi-hit Overdrives. Put their Overdrive Mode to Stoic, use their Overdrive and Kottos’ counter should be more than enough to instantly fill it, even if they are KO’ed in the process.

Refilling Spheres

Kottos has a great purpose, as it can be used to refill any spheres that activate stat nodes on the Sphere Grid. Since Kottos drops 20 Healing Springs (40 if you Overkill), you can simply use a Distiller on your first turn to make sure that those Healing Springs will turn into whichever Sphere you need. If you can consistently Overkill Kottos, it makes maxing out the Sphere Grid a lot quicker.

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