HP Overkill AP Weak Strong
480,000 12,000 8,000 Nothing Nothing

Item Drops

Common Drop Rare Drop Common Steal Rare Steal
Stamina Tonic (x1) Dark Matter (x1) Shadow Gem (x4) Stamina Tablet


Capture at least one of every fiend in Bikanel.

Boss Analysis

If you’ve fought these Worm-species enemies for extended periods of time (like your first trip through Bikanel), you know what to expect. Its signature move is to Swallow a character (only after being hit five times, as a counter to the fifth attacker) - they’ll be Regurgitated after being hit twice more, with the Regurgitated character taking 9,999 damage (5,000 with Protect). There’s also a basic physical and Earthquake, which takes a turn to charge-up before magical damage to everyone.


Not a lot to say. When you begin the fight, it’s nice to open with Protect on everyone if you don’t have Auto-Protect - in doing so, you ought to be able to prevent Regurgitate from killing you. You’ll also want to open with Haste if you don’t already have Auto-Haste. From there on out, attack the boss a lot and it’ll eventually Swallow the fifth attacker. Take time to heal everyone you can and do other buffing if you wish (the boss will not do anything until being hit twice, which causes Regurgitate). Shell is something you’ll want to throw up in that time, since Earthquake is halved that way. Beyond this, it’s a simple attack-and-heal fight, really.

Like the other worms in Spira, the Abyss Worm can swallow a party member for a turn or so. It will regurgitate them and do a fair bit of damage.

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