Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

Special Abilities

Jarrod Garripoli

Special is a command that encompasses abilities not really fitting into any of the other three commands. For example, you will find a lot of abilities here that increase or decrease ally/enemy stats.

Ability MP Description Sphere Grid Section
Aim 0 Raises party’s accuracy Wakka
Bribe 0 Pay an enemy to relinquish items and flee Rikku
Cheer 0 Raises party’s physical strength and defense Tidus
Copycat 28 Mimic an ally’s previous action Rikku
Doublecast 0 Allows character to use two Blk Magic spells in a single turn Lulu
Entrust 8 Transfers user’s Overdrive gauge to another ally Auron
Flee 0 Lets party run from battle Tidus
Focus 0 Raises party’s magic and magic defense Lulu
Guard 0 Allows character to take damage for ally Auron
Jinx 0 Lowers all enemies’ luck Kimahri
Lancet 0 Absorbs HP and MP from an enemy Kimahri
Luck 0 Raises party’s luck Rikku
Pilfer Gil 0 Steals gil from an enemy Rikku
Pray 0 Restores a small amount of HP to the party Yuna
Provoke 4 Draws an enemy’s attack to user Tidus
Quick Pockets 70 Use an item with reduced recovery time Rikku
Reflex 0 Raises party’s evasion Lulu
Sentinel 0 Allows character to guard allies while defending Auron
Spare Change 0 Attack an enemy by tossing gil Rikku
Steal 0 Steals items from an enemy Rikku
Threaten 12 Immobilize an enemy with fear Auron
Use 0 Use special items Rikku

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