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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

Ultima Weapon

Jarrod Garripoli


HP Overkill AP Weak Strong
99,999 13,560 40,000 Nothing Nothing

Item Drops

Common Drop Rare Drop Common Steal Rare Steal Bribe
Lv. 3 Key Sphere (x3) Lv. 3 Key Sphere (x3) Door to Tomorrow (x10) Door to Tomorrow (x20) Pendulum (x99; 2,500,000 Gil)

Ultima Weapon is the appetizer to Omega Weapon, so if you have trouble against him, then you will definitely be struggling against the latter. Thankfully, Ultima Weapon is rather formulaic, as he tends to stick to a pattern for his attacks. When the battle begins, you will want to buff up your characters with the normal spells, like Haste, Protect and Shell. He will start with a basic, normal attack, which can hit anywhere from around 2,000 damage to 3,000. On the second turn, Ultima Weapon will use one of the following spells: Confuse, Silence, or Break. Both Confuse and Break are the bigger offenders here, since the former is just disruptive, while Break removes all buffs if it hits.

Of course, if you have Stoneproof on your armor (and you should, due to Demonoliths), then you should be fine with Break. At this point in the game, you have probably migrated from magical attacks, so Silence should present any problem. The third turn will have the boss use Core Energy on a single character, an attack that has a huge randomness to its damage, as it can do 3,000 damage or even deal upwards of 9,999 damage. Thankfully, Shell can reduce this damage, so you should have it cast on everyone. The fourth turn is another option for spells, where you might see Confuse, Sleep or Holy. You will then see another normal attack, then Ultima Weapon’s strongest ability, Shimmering Rain.

This attack can deal around 2,500 damage or so to the entire party, so you will want to make sure everyone is healed above 3,000, just to be on the safe side. After using Shimmering Rain, Ultima Weapon will start over from the beginning of his cycle. If you don’t have Celestial Weapons, but are hitting for 9,999 per hit, then it will only take 11 strikes to bring down this boss. Note that Ultima Weapon is susceptible to Bribe, but it costs a good amount (around 2.4 million gil or so). This will net you a huge amount of Pendulums (the max amount is 99), 30 of which can be put on an armor for the Master Thief ability.

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