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Al Bhed Primers Locations

Jarrod Garripoli

Final Fantasy X introduced a new language, called Al Bhed, that is spoken by the people of the same name. When you begin a new game, you will not understand any parts of the language. However, as you make your journey across the main story, you will find books, called Al Bhed Primers, that translate a single letter at a time into English. Because of there being 26 letters in the Roman/English alphabet, that means there are 26 Al Bhed Primers to be found. The majority of the Primers can be found at any time, but there are four of them that are permanently missable. Throughout the game, you will also find Al Bhem Compilation Spheres, which allow you to load Primers from another saved game (useful if you wish to know what early Al Bhed means).

(1 of 2) You won’t understand much of the Al Bhed language at the beginning of the game

You won’t understand much of the Al Bhed language at the beginning of the game (left), although you can load a save with all of the Al Bhed Primers to know what they’re saying (right)

Al Bhed Primer Vol. I

You can find the first Al Bhed Primer on the salvage ship at the very beginning of the game. It is found on the ground in the back portion of the ship, so grab it once you can freely move. Since this ship is inaccessible after completing the events here, that means the Al Bhed Primer will not longer be here, but thankfully, you will be able to find it in the Sanubia Desert later on. It will be in the northeastern portion of the Oasis area, which is the first screen where you wake up with Tidus.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. II

Vol. II can be found in Besaid, but you will need to be careful on when you go to grab it. If you wait too long, the entrance to Besaid Village will be blocked by Dark Valefor, so you would need to defeat her in order to get back inside. To find the Primer, go into the largest tent on the left side of the village and look on the ground just left of the entrance. Should you look for this on your first visit to Besaid, then the book will be slightly obscured by a NPC.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. III

You will find this Primer on the SS Liki, on the way to Kilika. It is found in the Power Room, at the end closest to the camera. If you happen to miss this, since you can’t access the Power Room anymore, you will be able to find it in Sanubia Desert, underneath the tent where Wakka is found.


(1 of 4) The location of Primer Vol. 1, on the salvage ship

Al Bhed Primer Vol. IV

In Kilika Village, there is a tavern you can enter on the second screen. The Primer will be found on the desk inside that tavern.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. V

Upon leaving Kilika Village in the main story, you will board the S.S. Winno. When you have free reign to move, go to the bridge and you will see this Primer sitting on the ground behind the person steering the boat. If you miss it then, you will be able to find it later on, in the Sanubia Desert, by where you find Kimahri.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. VI

You will find this Primer in Luca, in the hallway outside of the one set of locker rooms. It’s not in the hallway where the Aurochs’ locker room is located, but the one on the other side.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. VII

There is a second Primer in Luca, in the theater building that is off of the three-way path just south of the stadium. At this split, go north and all the way at the end will be the theater. It’ll be on the ground, at the base of the stairs.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. VIII

You will automatically receive this Primer from Rin, at the travel agency on the Mi’ihen Highroad. This is the only Primer that is not optional.


(1 of 5) Primer Vol. V is found on the SS Winno between Kiika and Luca

Al Bhed Primer Vol. IX

Past the travel agency, on the Mi’ihen Highroad, you will undoubtedly be riding a chocobo. As you go along this path, you will cross by a windy path that bends south and continues easy. When the path bends east, look on the ground to find the Primer. Note that this is on the Newroad North screen.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. X

On the Mushroom Rock Road, along the way to the Operation Mi’ihen site, you will reach a higher section that has some little elevators powered by water. Right before the final elevators, you will see a path on your minimap that goes south and curls around. Take this path and at the end, you will find the Primer.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. XI

You will find this Primer on the Djose Highroad, towards the southern end. After the one chest you find near the beginning, the camera will begin panning to the right some as you continue north. When it does this, look behind one of the rock pillars to find the Primer.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. XII

After beating the boss at the Moonflow, you will arrive on the North Bank. On the screen with the Hypello and Shoopuf, there will be a ramp and at the top of this ramp will be the Primer.


(1 of 4) Look on the path near the elevator to Operation Mi’ihen for Vol. X

Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIII

You will be able to find this Primer inside of Guadosalam. To the left of Seymour’s manor, you can enter a small house and you will find the Primer on the ground in there. Note that you will be locked out of Guadosalam for a bit during the main story, but will eventually be allowed back inside, so you can pick this up then if you miss it on the first visit.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIV

When you reach the travel agency on the Thunder Plains, you will find that Rin is there again. If he’s not, speak to Rikku first, then Rin should walk out of the back area. When you speak with him, he will ask how your study of the Al Bhed language is going. Tell him it’s going “okay” and he will hand over this Primer. If you miss this on your first visit, then you will be able to find it in the Sanubia Desert, in a small dead-end area shortly after finding Rikku there.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. XV

As you make your way through Macalania Woods, you will reach a second Save Sphere in the northern portions. You will also find O’aka here, as well as a number of paths. There is one said path on the right side and although it’s very hard to see, you will find the Primer here.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. XVI

Once you reach Lake Macalania, you will find another of Rin’s travel agencies. On the left side, right outside of the building, you will find this Primer on the ground.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. XVII

In Sanubia Desert - Central, you will see that the area is divided into two sections. The sign in the middle points that stronger fiends are to the west, so head over there. Underneath some of the ruins in this area will be this Primer.


(1 of 4) Rin will give you Vol. XIV if you say your studies are doing okay

Al Bhed Primer Vol. XVIII

In Sanubia Desert - Central, you will see that the area is divided into two sections. This Primer will be located on the right side. Right before the northern exit on the eastern side, you will find a signpost. The Primer will be right next to this signpost.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIX

This Primer is missable. You will find this Primer at Home. Before you actually head inside the place, you will be in an outside area, with a bunch of bodies strewn about there. On the left side of this open area, you can find the Primer on the ground.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. XX

This Primer is missable. You will find this Primer at Home. Once inside the structure, you will eventually go down some stairs not too far in. When you see the camera angle change, go back up the stairs and find the one room you can enter. You know you’re in the right room when you’re forced into a fight. After the fight is over, look on the bed for this Primer.


(1 of 3) In Sanubia Central, look next to this signpost for Vol. XVIII

Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXI

This Primer is missable. You will find this Primer at Home. After the previous Primer, continue into the dungeon until you reach a three-way fork. Go down the right hallway here and at the end, on the ground, will be this Primer.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXII

This Primer is missable. Upon arriving in Bevelle, you will crash an event and be forced to fight through some enemies. After some cutscenes, you will be running away to meet up with Yuna. As you’re running away, before you get to the Cloister of Trials, you can find this Primer on the ground.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXIII

Upon reaching the Calm Lands, you will find a large sprawling plains. In the northwest corner of the plains portion, you will find the Primer.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXIV

You will need access to Remiem Temple in order to get this Primer. To do this, find the Chocobo Trainer on the Calm Lands and complete the first course, Wobbly Chocobo, which will grant you access to a chocobo. From there, ride up the ramp at the entrance and look for a feather on the right side. Interact with it to get to Remiem Temple’s entrance. Cross the large bridge before you and head left of the actual temple to find the Primer.


(1 of 6) At the end of this hallway in Home is Vol. XXI

Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXV

This Primer is located in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, which is between the Calm Lands and Mount Gagazet. In the back of the cave, right before the Save Sphere there, you will find a dead end. The Primer will be on the ground at the dead end.


Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXVI

The final Primer will be found inside of the Omega Ruins. As you dive into this dungeon, you will come across four chests on an X-shaped pattern on the floor. Behind that are two torches and the Primer will be on the ground next to the left torch.

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