Monster Name Notes
Anacondaur No weaknesses
Chimera Brain No weaknesses, fairly strong
Coeurl No weaknesses
Flame Flan Weak to Ice
Malboro Weak to Fire, can inflict numerous status ailments, very powerful.
Monster Name Notes
Mech Scouter Weak to Lightning, Steal
Nebiros Weak to Ice
Ogre Weak to Fire
Shred Weak to Fire
Skoll Weak to Fire, Lightning

As you enter the vast Calm Lands (trust me, there’s not a lot here, despite the space), head west. As you go through a scene and down the incline, you’ll meet up with Rin. Consider strongly buying the Buckler and Curative Targe. The Buckler has the Magic Counter ability, normally only reserved for weaponry. While Tidus may not be able to get a lot of use from it, especially without an Expert Sphere Grid until the very end of the game, it’s nice for when you start filling out his Sphere Grid, regardless of which that may be. The Curative Targe’s Auto-Med is simply great since it auto-heals most ailments that hit you.

Anyhow, head northeast a while to the center of the Calm Lands to a Travel Agency. There, you can battle Belgemine’s Shiva if you want (shouldn’t be hard with five Aeons). You’ll get the Aeon’s Soul regardless of a win or loss; this helpful item allows direct augmentation of an Aeon’s stats! You can also get 30 Power Spheres for winning, or 30 Speed Spheres for losing. Save in the Agency, and shop if you want. Speak with everyone, too, and grab the Lv. 2 Key Sphere behind the agency itself.

You will receive the Aeon’s Soul after the battle, win or lose. With this you can increase your aeon’s attributes like Strength, Magic etc.

After, head to the northwestern Calm Lands where you ought to find a lady riding a Chocobo. (“Kweh!” flutter) You can train Chocobos with her; when you do so, at least do the first course properly (it’ll teach you how) so you can ride a Chocobo. Go to the northwesternmost part of the Calm Lands and you can find Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXIII. Now head to the far southeast corner of the area and plunder the chests there for 5,000 Gil and 10,000 Gil . (Seems kinda pointless to put them so close together, but not combine them…) Anyhow, there’s also a Chocobo feather on the ground nearby. Examine it if you want and continue on into Remiem Temple.

Otherwise, far to the north of there in an alcove on the east wall is the Monster Arena. There, you really should NOT do anything; I’ll cover it in the Monster Arena subsection. Don’t get me wrong; it’s very rewarding, but you can’t do much other than the Calm Lands’ bit of it right now. Better to wait until we have the airship and traveling freedom.

Further north from there, we can work on leaving the Calm Lands.

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