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Genshin Impact

Turning Point

Matt Chard
Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Next Quests
800 38,100 4 7 1 30 Heart of Glaze

The adepti faced off against the Qixing outside the city. Just as things were coming to a head, you went to the Golden House to intercept Childe as he attempted to seize the Gnosis, only to find yet another twist: The Gnosis was never at the Golden House to begin with. Childe swiftly switched to his backup plan, attempting to force the Geo Archon to make an appearance by summoning an ancient god with Fatui-forged Sigils of Permission…


  1. Repel the ancient god together

Repel the ancient god together

Protect the East, North and West Ballista’s

This quest automatically precedes Heart of Glaze and starts with a lengthy cut scene. After the scene, you’ll have to protect the Guizhong Ballista’s from the Fatui. There are three Ballista’s to protect, one at the east, north and west with a portal by each one, this will spawn Fatui out of them. The enemies’ objective is to destroy the Ballista’s as soon as they can and they’ll ignore you most of the time.

Underneath your objective information on the upper left portion of the screen, you’ll see what each Ballista’s health is and it will give you an idea of what one is being attacked currently. The mechanic of this battle is to defeat the enemies as quickly as possible whilst keeping all Ballista’s intact, if one of them is destroyed, the quest will end and you’ll be back in Liyue Harbor and will have to run back to the Jade Chamber guide to teleport you back up there.

(1 of 2) As you can see, the Fatui will keep spawning at portals by the Ballista’s, you can see the health of the Ballista by looking in the upper left

As you can see, the Fatui will keep spawning at portals by the Ballista’s, you can see the health of the Ballista by looking in the upper left (left), Osial will occasionally unleash an attack in the center of the arena, this has no AoE marker and can deal some major damage. (right)

After the first wave of Fatui, Osial will charge up an attack and fire it at the center of the arena, make sure you’re not in the AoE marker when it lands as it will cause major damage to you. Shortly afterwards you’ll be buffed by one of the Adepti, Madame Ping. This will grant a buff that after every attack that you make, you’ll unleash shockwave which will hit nearby Fatui and do major amounts of damage to them, this makes your task a lot easier.

Shortly afterwards Ganyu will buff your defense making your survivability go up considerably and then Xiao will buff your speed which will allow you to run a lot faster without spending any of your Stamina, as soon as you receive Xiao’s buff, Osial will start launching multiple attacks at you after you receive this but due to the speed buff you now have, dodging these attacks is trivial and after a short while you will be buffed again once more which will give you all three buffs at the same time.

(1 of 4) Throughout the fight, the Adepti will bestow their powers on you, Madame Ping starts this off with a buff that gives your attacks shockwaves

Now the Fatui will be coming out of all three portals at the same time which means you’ll need to be going back and forth between them to defeat them all, the speed buff helps out tremendously for this as you can sprint without losing any Stamina, keep attacking the Fatui and keep an eye on the health of the Ballistas as they will start dropping quicker now and after a few more waves of Fatui defeated, the battle will end and you’ll be greeted by a multitude of scenes and then after, the quest will end.


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