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Genshin Impact

In the Depths, an Unexpected Reunion

Matt Chard

This is a walkthrough for the Archon Quest, In the Depths, an Unexpected Reunion which is the first quest of Chapter II: Act IV - Requiem of the Echoing Depths.

Breaking the seals of The Chasm.

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Katheryne seems to have a new commission for you. Go check it out.


  1. Talk to Katheryne
  2. Look for the miner who posted the commission at The Chasm
  3. Enter The Chasm: Underground Mines
  4. Go to the designated location to investigate

Talk to Katheryne

To start the quest, you’ll need to head to Katheryne, the Adventurer’s Guild receptionist in Liyue Harbor to start this quest. As you start the conversation with her, you’ll notice that she appears positively chirpy. Paimon picks up on it, and asks her what has put her in this joyous mood. She’ll tell you that she visited the shrine and drew a fortune slip which said “it is the season for an unexpected reunion.”

She explains that the anticipation of an unexpected reunion always makes her happy which makes the Traveler feel somewhat down. It’s obvious that they are still thinking about their sibling, but Katheryne isn’t sure what she said to upset them. They brush it aside and Paimon asks if she has a commission for you. Katheryne will tell you that as a matter of fact, she does, and this specific request takes you to the recently unsealed Chasm in Liyue. She’ll tell you that the request is from a miner there who goes by the name Yuehui.

(1 of 2) Yuehui is the miner that requested the commission.

Yuehui is the miner that requested the commission. (left), He can be found just inside The Chasm area. (right)

Look for the miner who posted the commission at The Chasm

The Chasm is a new area in the southwest of Liyue that was added with version 2.6. The quickest way to get there is by teleporting to Lingju Pass, glide west across the river, and follow the western path into The Chasm. When you reach the entrance to The Chasm, head southwest to activate the waypoint before talking to the sharply dressed miner Yuehui who can be found standing next to the crane.

After introducing yourself to him, you’ll go through some formalities before he gets down to business. Apparently, one of the mining crew took a break and noticed a group of Hilichurls that appeared to be in a daze walk right past him towards the depths of The Chasm. From that point on, they started noticing it happening more often with them never to emerge again which has made his miners worrying that a disaster could be in the works.

As Paimon begins to offer a different opinion, you’ll agree to take it, which agitates her. You’ll tell her that you believe the Abyss Order may be involved, and she’ll agree to your decision. After some deliberation, you both agree to the commission and Yuehui will give you the general location of the area that the Hilichurls keep heading to.

Enter The Chasm: Underground Mines

After completing the World Quests: Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering, you’ll have access to the underground mines. This part of the quest can be misleading because the area you need to go to can only be accessed after completing the next World Quest “Chasm Spelunkers” which is automatically accepted when you enter the mines. You’ll need to find three clues about Jinwu’s uncle. You’ll need to find three diary fragments before telling Jinwu what you’ve found. You can find them:

  • From the waypoint, follow the wooden platform to the west until you reach a bridge. Go across the bridge, heading southeast. As you reach the end of the bridge, turn south to an area covered with purple goo. There’ll be a couple of wooden crates against the wall with the diary fragment being on the one on the right.

  • From the waypoint, drop off the edge to the southwest, near where the crane elevator is you’ll see a wooden structure. The diary fragment will be on the side of an ore crate on the shelf there.

  • On the bottom floor, southeast from the waypoint, a broken crate next to the white tent with a lumenlamp next to it will contain a diary fragment. This tent will originally be guarded by Treasure Hoarders.

Once that has been completed, you can proceed into the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel to the east.

(1 of 3) The first Diary Fragment can be found on th crates near the purple goo.

Go to the designated location to investigate

Your next roadblock will involve a blocked tunnel, a cannon, and a gate that’s need two keys to open. The blocked tunnel can be found in the southwest of the Main Mining Area and as you approach it, Paimon will say “Looks like we can’t explore any further… Hmm, is there any way to open up this tunnel?”. A little way to the northeast, you’ll find a conveniently placed Cannon, unfortunately it requires a fuse and a cannon shot. This happens to be behind a gate found to the north of the sealed tunnel that requires two Storehouse Security Key’s to access it. To obtain them, you’ll need to complete another World Quest.

The two Storehouse Security Key’s can be found:

  • From the waypoint, glide north to the bottom floor with all the purple goo. The key will be in the vase on top of a distillery after you’ve cleansed the purple goo.

  • From the first Key, drop to the bottom whilst gliding northeast. Go past the purple goo, and follow the dilapidated bridge northeast where you’ll see some treasure hoarders next to a purple crystal.

(1 of 4) Here is an overview of all the important locations for this part of the quest.

With the World Quest complete, drop into the nearby hole and as you reach the bottom, you’ll get a cutscene. Paimon and you will look at each other in amazement as you find an inverted city. Before you know it, a portal materializes behind you where you’ll find your good friend Dainsleif. After some probing questions, he’ll explain to you what happened after your last encounter and further explain how the Abyss Order portal networks work similarly to the teleport waypoints that you take to traverse the world. Finally, he’ll tell you that he feels that the Abyss Order is watching your every move, and you’ll suggest investigating the area some more. This will end the first Archon Quest.

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