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Genshin Impact

Expansive Eya

Matt Chard

How to complete Expansive Eya

To begin this quest, go to the Quest menu, then go to the Story sub-menu and then go to the second page. This is where you will find all the Hangout Events in the future. Click on Bennett and confirm, a popup will now appear and ask if you want to spend two story keys to unlock “Fantastic Voyage”, confirm that, and you’ll get the first quest. To earn Story Keys, you need to complete eight daily commissions.

What are daily commissions?

Daily commissions are the purple quest icon in-game. You get four every day, and they reward you with 250 Adventure EXP for each quest as well as a small amount of Primogems, after eight of these commissions are completed, you’ll receive a story key. The quests themselves are normally short, defeat enemy type quests.

The Traveler and Bennett in awe, looking at their haul from the chest.


Use the Timeline to plan the path you want to take.

Use the Timeline to help you navigate what branch to take.

Enter the ruins

Bennett knows of a new ruin discovered and suggest you head there with him. Teleport to the Temple of the Wolf Domain and interact with the ruin. You’ll see Deserted Ruins of Eya sitting on top, your party setup doesn’t matter here as there are no battles, click on it when you’re ready, and enter.

Talk to Bennett

Bennett will be waiting for you at the end of the corridor, walk up to him, and speak to him for a scene.

Accompany Bennett and proceed onward

Follow Bennett through the doorway, and up the stairs, as you reach the top, you’ll notice a large room, with some devices in the middle, with some traps surrounding them, talk to Bennett for a scene.

Talk to Bennett

Bennett will say that if his adventuring experience is anything to go by, it would be a disaster if you activated the wrong mechanism, he’ll suggest that he tries it out first, which’ll give you an important choice:

“Go ahead! We won’t get anywhere just staring at them.”

If you choose this option, go to Path 1.

“Hmm, how can I let you face the danger alone?”

If you choose this option, go to Path 2.

Path 1

As Bennett doesn’t have any luck, he asks you to decide what device to activate, the choice doesn’t make any difference, so choose whatever you like, and once he activates the device, all exits will be blocked, leaving you stuck in there. This’ll end the quest, and reward you with Ending 5 - No Wonder It’s a Top-Class Commission.

Path 2

You’ll tell Bennett to activate both mechanisms at the same time. He’ll go to the right device, so head to the left and activate it. You’ll get a scene and Bennett seems very pleased with himself, and suggests moving on.

Accompany Bennett and press onward

Follow Bennett through the doorway, and up the stairs, as you reach the top, you’ll notice a large room, with some devices in the middle, with some torches surrounding them, talk to Bennett for a scene.

It seems you need four people to activate all the mechanisms at once, and Bennett will start talking about his old adventure team, “Benny’s Adventure Team”. He’ll tell you how the team was split apart, mainly due to his bad luck, he’ll then go on to say…I completely understand why they quit the team. I’d never want to put them in danger on my account. You’ll get a choice which doesn’t change the outcome of the story, but will make you lose a heart if you get it wrong:

“Don’t take it personally.”

This choice will keep Bennett happy.

“They’re all traitors.”

This choice will make you lose one heart.

Once you’ve cheered him up a bit, he’ll say that maybe he’s making too many assumptions about the solution to the mechanisms, you’ll get another meaningless choice, then agree to look for clues.

Investigate the room with Bennett

There are two clues by some crates on the left side of the room and one on the right, interact with them all, and you’ll find a Lost Notebook.

Talk to Bennett

Head back to Bennett and talk to him for a scene. You’ll pull out the Notebook and read it, and three things will stand out to you:

  • As you may have noticed, the mechanism installed by the door needs someone operating it constantly.

  • The number of torches does not indicate the sequence of operation…

  • Perhaps… the order has something to do with the position of the torches on the ground?

You’ll discuss the clues with Bennett and get a few meaningless choices, and then you’ll have to activate the mechanism.

Solve the puzzle of the mechanism

You can fail this puzzle, and it will end the Hangout. You’ll want to activate the device with three torches first, followed by the device with one torch next, and finally, the device with two torches. Once you interact with the last one, you’ll get a scene with Bennett.

Completing this puzzle correctly will reward you with an achievement. You’ll want to activate the devices shown in the order shown in this image.

You’ll get a few choices with Bennett, but nothing that will change the outcome, you’ll both be very happy with yourselves, and then proceed to open the chest, Bennett will be pleased with the haul, and he’ll thank you for your kindness and goodwill which helped him through this, and hopes for another adventure with you sometime soon. This’ll end the quest, rewarding you with Ending 6 - Fortunate Outcome.

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