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Genshin Impact

Act II: Truth in the Stones

Matt Chard

This page is designed to guide you through Zhongli’s story quest “Truth in the Stones” which is the second quest in Act II of his quest line “No Mere Stone”.

Paimon and the Traveler talking to Uncle Dai at Liyue’s dock.

Unlock Criteria

Location Requirements
Lisha, Liyue Adventure Rank 40, Complete “Strange Sights, Stolen Souls
Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards
Genshin Impact Screenshot400 Genshin Impact Screenshot24,100 heros_wit_Items_Genshin_Impact.png3 Genshin Impact Screenshot5


You arrive at the mine, the scene of the incident, and begin your investigation. A series of clues makes clear that there is nothing ordinary about this disappearance. What is the connection between the mysterious person behind this incident and the missing miners? Where did the missing miners disappear to? You have to know the truth.


  1. Head to the mining site that Uncle Dai mentioned
  2. Look for clues
  3. Look for more clues
  4. Report the outcome of your investigation to Uncle Dai
  5. Find Kun Jun

Head to the mining site that Uncle Dai mentioned

This quest starts off with you needing to the mining site, teleport to the Lisha Waypoint, which is south of Lingju Pass, and glide west over the river and land on the other platform. When you land, continue west until you reach the mining site, and approach Unlce Dai for a scene. You’ll find out that it was four miners that went missing, Long, Bold Cen, Brave Cen, and Mao. After talking to Uncle Dai some more, it appears his team have searched everywhere, but they vanished without a trace, strange. Zhongli will suggest to search the site for some clues about their whereabouts, and the scene end.

Look for clues

The first clue can be found north by the tool rack which has some pickaxes and shovels hanging off it, approach it for a short scene, and Paimon will notice some shirts and trousers, Zhongli deduces that they belong to Uncle Dai and his men, and that it appears that the four missing workers have been missing for six days without a change of clothes. Upon closer inspection, you notice that they didn’t take any supplies either, but they did take their pickaxes. You’ll ask Zhongli if he thinks they’ve been kidnapped, to which he’ll reply it’s a probability.

Look for more clues

Head north east a little to find Kun Jun crouching besides a rock, approach him for another scene. He’ll tell you that he’s found some ore that may host some clues, then he crouches next to it again and the ore begins to glow. Kun Jun will see a vision of the four miners following a small girl. As he explains it to the team, they ask how he knows this, and he’ll explain that he can perceive the memories of ore, and he’ll further explain what this means. Kun Jun will deduce that they went north, and Paimon will make a note of it.

When the scene ends, head south and speak to the miner, Bravo. He’ll tell you that he doesn’t know what happened, just that the weather was gloomy, the foreman left with a few men whilst he stayed behind with the other four, he decided to take a break, and drifted off to sleep, when he came to, they had dissappeared. Zhongli will suggest that maybe it was an on-site accident, and once again, Paimon makes a note of it.

Report the outcome of your investigation to Uncle Dai

Head back to Uncle Dai, and report to him what you’ve found out. You’ll tell him everything you’ve found out excluding the whole Kun Jun vision thing. It seems you’re going with the kidnapping theory, and Uncle Dai is curious to know who would kidnapp miners, and why. You tell him they were headed north, and he tells you to leave it to him. Zhongli what he makes of it. Zhongli tells him that they disappeared six days ago, and that they are likely long gone. This makes Uncle Dai agree to your help, and tells you he and his men will search all the nearby lodgings whilst you follow the clues. Paimon suggests that because you’ve searched all the clues at the mine, and you should head north, but it seems Kun Jun has disappeared.

Find Kun Jun

Head north again to where the tool rack was, and you’ll find Kun Jun standing on a rock, speak to him, and you’ll find out that he was performing a quick search for his own benefit, he asks if you’ve heard of a precious stone called “Dragonfall”. Zhongli will tell him it’s often used in forging, and asks what he needs that for. Kun Jun will tell you that he’s been feeling absent lately, trouble remembering things, he’s also been feeling anxious. He heard someone speaking about Dragonfall at the market and it seemed familiar to him. He thinks that if he finds the stone, it can help shed some light, Zhongli agrees to help him look for the stone, which makes him appreciative. Finally, Zhongli will tell you that if they went north from the chasm, there’ll be traces of it. When the scene ends, so will the quest.


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