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Mondstadt City Reputation

City Reputation is a new gameplay system introduced with version 1.1 update: “A New Star Approaches”. To unlock city reputation you will need to be Adventure Rank 25 and complete the Archon Quest Prologue: Act 1 “The Outlander Who Caught the Wind”.

By interacting with designated NPCs and completing their quests, you will increase your Reputation with the city they’re affiliated with. As you grow your Reputation level in the different cities, you will unlock rewards which can include but not limited to special city features, recipes, namecards, gadget blueprints and wind gliders.

You can check your Mondstadt Reputation by talking to the Knights of Favonius Coordinator, Hertha whom will also offer you Bounties and Requests. You can also earn Reputation by completing World Quests, Exploration and Mondstadt Quests.

This is the Mondstadt Reputation Menu which is accessed by talking to Hertha.

Quickest ways to earn Reputation

  • Region Quests
    Complete various Quests in Mondstadt.

  • World Exploration
    Unlocking Waypoints, Opening chests, finding Elemental Oculi and other exploration activities like Elite bosses.

  • Bounties
    Locate and find bounty targets from a list which will be refreshed weekly. Up to three bounties in total across all cities.

  • Requests
    Complete requests from the local residents. Up to three requests in total across all cities.

(1 of 2) Coordinator Hertha can be found northwest of the Angel’s Share tavern

Coordinator Hertha can be found northwest of the Angel’s Share tavern (left), by talking to Hertha you can view the reward screen. (right)

Rank 1 Reputation Rewards

  • Northern Apple Stew Recipe

A recipe for the cook pot which grants the following effects: Restores 30-34% of Max HP and an additional 600-1,900 HP to the selected character.

Rank 2 Reptuation Rewards

  • Anemoculus Resonance Stone blueprint

After obtaining the blueprint you will be able to craft the gadget at a Crafting Bench providing you have the required materials.

How to use Anemoculus Resonance Stone:

After using the stone, a circular blue area will apear on your map. When an Elemental Oculus appears on the mini-map the blue circular area will disappear.

  • Mondstadt Mining Outcrop Search

Mondstadt Mining Outcrop Search

After the feature is unlocked, talk to Wagner the Blacksmith near the entrance of Mondstadt and he will tell you where to find ore deposits in the region and markers will appear on your map.

You will be able to obtain Crystal Chunks from the deposits and at Adventure Rank 30 you will also be able to mine Magical Crystal Chunks.

Rank 3 Reputation Rewards

  • Wind Catcher blueprint

How to use Wind Catcher

Once the Wind Catcher is equipped, Anemograna will automaticaly be stored in your Wind Catcher when you approach near to them. Up to five Anemograna can be stored at once.

Using the Wind Catcher will create a wind current at your current location. The wind current will dissipate after a short amount of time.

Rank 4 Reputation Rewards

  • Good Hunter and Mondstadt General Goods discounts

You will receive a discount at the Good Hunter restaurant which sells food recipes and food ingrediants as well as a discount at the General Goods store.

  • Mondstadt - Hero’s Fame Namecard

You will receive the Mondstadt - Hero’s Fame namecard.

  • Adventurer’s Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

A recipe for the cook pot which grants the following effects:

Rank 5 Reputation Rewards

  • NRE (Menu 30) forging blueprint

How to Use the NRE

Once the NRE is equipped, you will be able to quickly consume food without having to enter your inventory. This gadget can hold one variety of HP recovery food and one variety of revival food.

Rank 6 Reputation Rewards

  • Portable Waypoint crafting blueprint

How to Use Portable Waypoint

Use the Portable Waypoint which will create a temporary waypoint at your current location. This waypoint will last for seven days. A portable waypoint marker will appear on your map, select this marker to teleport to it.

  • Anemo Treasure Compass forging blueprint

How to Use Anemo Treasure Compass

After using the treasure compass, a prompt will start to direct you towards the nearest chest in the vicinity, by following it you will find the chest.

Rank 7 Reputation Rewards

  • Mondstadt - Blessing Namecard

You will receive a Mondstadt - Blessing namecard.

  • Moon Pie Recipe

A recipe for the cook pot which grants the following effects:

Rank 8 Reputation Rewards

  • Wings of Azure Wind wind glider

You will receive a Wings of Azure Wind wind glider.

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