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Genshin Impact

A Long Shot

Matt Chard

How to complete the Archon Quest A Long Shot

This page is designed to help you progress through the main story quest, known as Archon Quests in Genshin Impact. This specific page will guide you where you need to go, and who you need to talk to.

Dvalin readying up an attack on the Traveler.


After a long and daring pursuit of Dvalin, who has been led astray by the Abyss Mages, you are about to finally confront him once and for all.


Adventure EXP Mora Primogems Other Rewards Next Quest
Genshin Impact Screenshot425 Genshin Impact Screenshot12,400 Genshin Impact Screenshot30 Genshin Impact Screenshot5 Genshin Impact Screenshot3 Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot When the Wind Dies Down


  1. Venture beyond the seal
  2. Ride the winds to defeat Dvalin
  3. Defeat Dvalin

Venture beyond the seal

Walk into the middle of the seal and interact, this will take you to the Domain screen, accept the only available challenge “Confront Stormterror”, then choose your party. Venti before flying away.Venti will point out two blood clots on Dvalin’s back, and tells you that the Abyss Order must’ve cursed the wounds, which corrupted Dvalin’s mind. To save Dvalin, you’ll have to get rid of these blood clots.

Ride the winds to defeat Dvalin

The battle starts off with you floating in midair, above Dvalin. Your normal attack button will become an endless stream of projectiles that you can fire at Dvalin. Aim at the two blood clots that Venti before flying away.Venti pointed out a second ago, and you’ll gradually deplete Dvalin’s health. Around 3/4 of its health, you’ll appear behind Dvalin, and it will begin to fight back by firing a barrage of projectiles right back at you, tilt your direction to either the left or right to avoid them.

Venti before flying away.Venti will tell you that, he’ll extract and condense the pure Anemo shots being fired at you, and he’ll create acceleration rings. You’ll see small Anemo orbs with a blue health bar, shooting them will create the acceleration rings, which you can use to keep up with Dvalin, until you can start shooting at his weak points again, keep shooting at them, and Dvalin will boost itself further ahead. Repeat the process until its health is depleted.

Defeat Dvalin

When you finish its health off, you’ll get a scene that transitions into the next phase of the battle. This phase will have you fight him on the floor, whilst giving Dvalin a shield, as long as there is a shield, you won’t be able to deal any damage to its health. Dvalin also becomes equipped with a lot of attacks in its arsenal.



Stick to the sides to avoid this attack.

Dvalin will retreat to the back of the arena and then come swooping down across the center of the platform, dealing moderate damage to all who are struck by it. You can evade this by moving to either side of your current platform.


Dash to avoid this and then strike at his vulnerable head.

Dvalin will reel backwards before thrusting his head forward for a Bite, dealing moderate damage to those it hits. As he begins moving forward, dash to the left or right, this will open him up for strikes to his head.

Wind Breath

(1 of 2) Head to the claw away from Dvalin’s head

Head to the claw away from Dvalin’s head (left), or else you’ll be caught up in his Wind Breath. (right)

Dvalin will cling to each side of the current platform and use a Wind Breath attack at one of the sides that will begin sweeping across to the other side, dealing constant damage to any who are caught within it. Look for where Dvalin is facing and sprint to the opposite side, attacking the claws closest to you.

Energy Bombs

Simply dash from one side of the platform to the other to avoid this.

After attacking Dvalin’s weak point, he’ll retreat to the center and shoot sets of two Energy Bombs towards you, dealing moderate damage if they strike you. Keep moving from one side of the platform to the other to avoid these.

Energy Rain

(1 of 2) Walking on these platforms will cause continuous damage

Walking on these platforms will cause continuous damage (left), use the wind gusts to reach a platform where none are present. (right)

At certain HP thresholds throughout the battle, Dvalin will fly around and cause Energy Rain to strike the platforms, causing cracks across them that inflict damage over time while you stand on them. Ignore Dvalin and use the gusts of wind to glide across to a platform that is not impacted by Energy Rain.

Meteor Shower

(1 of 3) Look for the sigils on the ground

Once Dvalin is nearing defeat, he’ll cause sigils to appear around the platform before dropping Meteors on them, this will persist for the remainder of the battle while he cycles through his other attacks. Keep an eye out for the sigils on the ground and move to avoid the incoming blast.


Dvalin is a lot simpler than his massive frame may lead you to expect as he has a set pattern that he follows throughout, learn this and victory is assured. Be sure to bring a healer like Barbara, so that you have a way of restoring HP should you be struck by any of his attacks.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are multiple platforms all around the arena, this will be useful for later in the battle. You’ll also notice that Dvalin has a white bar under his HP gauge, this is his shield and you’ll need to deplete it to bring Dvalin to the ground and attack his weak spot, dealing direct damage in the process.

He’ll attack using the same pattern, first by using his Swoop attack, easily dodged by going to either side and then follow it up with Wind Breath. Look to what side he’s facing and dash over to the other claw to begin attacking it and deal damage to the shield. He’ll finish this up with his Bite attack, wait for him to reel back and then dash to the side to avoid the bite, dashing back over to his head to strike it for shield damage.

Once the shield is depleted, Dvalin will drop to the ground and his weak spot will become available. Quickly climb his head and strike away at it to deal direct damage before he regains his composure. At this point, you’ll deal with a phase transition and Dvalin will use Energy Rain followed by Energy Shower, look for platforms without the cracks and glide over to begin the previous phase from the start again.

Dvalin will keep this up until you take him under a quarter of his HP, at this point he’ll use Meteor Shower constantly until the end of the battle so keep an eye on the sigils on the ground to avoid the Meteors and keep the same strategy up to defeat him and claim your spoils.

Once you have depleted all its health, you’ll get a scene, with the area collapsing, and you start to fall, the next thing you know, is that you are riding on the back of Dvalin. Once the scene ends, you’ll be rewarded with the “Winds Change Their Course” achievement, then the quest will end.

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