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Act I: Speech and Etiquette

Matt Chard

This page is designed to guide you through Eula’s story quest “Speech and Etiquette” which is the second quest in Act I of her quest line “The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea”.

Talking to Eula in Dragonspine.

Unlock Criteria

Location Requirements
Knights of Favonius Headquarters, Mondstadt Adventure Rank 40, Complete Shadow of the Past
Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards
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You successfully locate Eula, who agrees to teach you the customs of the Lawrence Clan. To fulfill the task given to you by Master Jean, it seems you will need to undergo quite the rigorous training program…


  1. Go to the plaza in front of the Cathedral
  2. Talk to the locals and observe Eula’s demonstration
  3. Go to Dragonspine for aristocratic conduct training
  4. Complete the aristocratic etiquette training
  5. Go to Good Hunter and get a greeting gift

Go to the plaza in front of the Cathedral

To talk to Schubert, you need to learn some etiquette in order to speak to him, thankfully Eula said she would give you a lesson in it, go to the plaza in Mondstadt, and talk to Eula who can be found at the southern edge of it, and approach her for a scene. She’ll give you a few examples which goes over Paimon’s head, and she’ll ask Eula for some real-life demonstrations.

Talk to the locals and observe Eula’s demonstration

When the scene ends, speak to Norman, and it appears Eula can’t remember all of her training, and Norman can’t understand what she’s attempting to say, he tells you and Eula exactly what he thinks of the Lawrence Clan, and leaves. Eula brushes it off and starts on her next victim, Leno.

Leno can be found just to the west of Norman, once again, Eula makes another condescending attempt at etiqutte, and Leno gives her an earful, it seems the Lawrence Clan aren’t popular around here anymore. Eula brushes it off again and marks Leno with her vengeance.

(1 of 3) Norman is the first person who gets the etiquette demonstration.

Now it’s time for Randall to receive her…etiquette. He can be found just to the north, next to the large statue in the center. As she begins to greet him, he interrupts her, and is especially aggressive to her, threatening to make a complaint to the Knights of Favonius. Eula suggests talking to someone else, but Paimon can’t take it anymore, and persuades her to stop. Eula will explain to you why the Lawrence Clan is viewed the way it is, then decides it’s time to teach you the bearing part of etiquette.

Go to Dragonspine for aristocratic conduct training

Teleport to the Entombed City Outskirts Waypoint in the southwest of Dragonspine, and Eula can be found just below it, to the north.

Complete the aristocratic etiquette training

Approach her for a scene, and she’ll explain why she chose Dragonspine as the training ground, and what you need to do to pass the training. You’ll have to complete the first challenge in 120 seconds without getting hit or launched into the air. The first challenge is fairly easy, turn your camera to the east, run past the first barricade, run past the two lamps, dodge in between the two Hilicurls, and pick up the objective crystal, run to the right of the barricade (you can’t jump over it).

(1 of 3) For this challenge, you have to get all the objective crystals in 120 seconds, this is without being hit.

Wait by the Pyro torch to warm you up, and lower the cold buildup, then go past the next barricade to pick up the next objective crystal, and then the following barricade whilst avoiding the Anemo ball. For the last part, you’ll have to contend with two Cryo Hilichurl Sharpshooters, a couple of Geo balls, and a few mines, thankfully you can run through the middle of it all, whilst repeatedly dodging to avoid everything, at the end, be careful of the Anemo ball sitting next to the last objective crystal. If at any time you are hit, the challenge will reset.

The next challenge will involve you going to the Ley-Line to the north. You’ll have to defeat all the enemies in 180 seconds without being Frozen or launched. The easiest way to do this is by using a ranged character to take out the Hydro enemies first. The first group you’ll fight is two Hydro Slimes, and one Large Cryo Slime. Take out the Hydro Slimes first, then take out the Large Cryo Slime last. Fischl or Amber can be good here. The next group will be one Large Cryo Slime, and one Large Hydro Slime which is empowered, allowing it to debuff you with -100% Stamina Consumption Reduction. Once again, make the Hydro Slimes your priority and attack at range.

(1 of 2) For this challenge, you'll need to defeat all enemies without getting Frozen or Launched

For this challenge, you'll need to defeat all enemies without getting Frozen or Launched (left), always take out the Hydro enemies first, as there are less of them, and you need both Hydro and Cryo to get frozen. (right)

You’ll have one last group to fight, and it’ll consist of two Ice Shield Hilichurl Guard, one Hydro Samachurl, one Cryo Hilichurl Shooter, and one Electro Hilichurl Shooter. Make the Hydro Samachurl your priority as it can create Hydro Bubbles and in combination with the Cryo Hilichurl shooter, it’ll freeze you, on top of that, it can heal its allies. You’ll want to attack it at range, but you’ll have to stay mobile to avoid the ranged enemies, Diluc’s Elemental Burst is useful for this challenge. If you fail the trial at any time, talk to Eula to restart it. After you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll get a scene with Eula congratulating you on your performance. She’ll have one last step to teach you, and that’s at the Good Hunter.

Go to Good Hunter and get a greeting gift

The team enjoying a hot meal after a tough training session in Dragonspine.

Teleport back to Mondstadt, and head to the Good Hunter, Amber will be there, and she invites you all to sit with her for a meal, Eula will order a specialty dish for Schubert called “Gebratenes Fleisch mit Sauerkraut”, after a bit more conversation, Eula will remind you to pick up the meal for her uncle of Sara, the proprietor of Good Hunter, and the scene will end with the ending of the quest following it.


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