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Ben Chard
Claire Farnworth
Matt Chard
, &
Shane Williams
Location Respawn Time Element
Bishui Plain, Liyue 5 minutes (Instant, if you teleport away and back again) Hydro

A life-form created from condensed Hydro elements of incredible purity.
Often attached to bodies of water. It is said that as water bodies becomes purer, the Hydro elements within grow more abundant, causing the Oceanids to grow more powerful. It is also said by some that Oceanids were once sea creatures from a home far away who carried the fragments of a long-dead god to the many corners of this world. Perhaps they did this so that the love their god held for this world could be spread through the waters to all the land…


World Level Boss Level Common Ascension Material Artifacts
I 37 30 3,450
II 41 30 3,650
III 50 35 3,850
IV 62 35 4,125
V 72 40 4,450
VI 83 40 4,725
VII 91 45 5,200
VIII 93 45 6,000


Ocenaids, also known as Rhodeia of Loch, Voice of the Water is a unique boss fight where you won’t actually fight it, itself. Instead you will fight the Illusions it summons, defeating them damages the boss.

Water Illusions

  • Hydro Boars: These will charge at you which a simple sidestep will avoid, they can also heal very quickly for approximately 10% of their health.

  • Hydro Crabs: The crabs will continuously shoot out a stream of Hydro bubbles at you whilst moving in a horizontal arc, take these out from range to avoid any needless damage.

  • Hydro Cranes: These will attack you from range with Hydro waves, close the distance and take these out quickly, dodging to the side and can avoid the waves.

  • Hydro Ducks: The Ducks can be quite troublesome, they will follow you around with a water vortex underneath them that will continuously deal AoE damage over time. Stay away from them and use ranged to defeat them.

(1 of 4) The Boars will charge at you, dodge to side to avoid

  • Hydro Frogs: These have most of the attacks of the other enemies in one and leave behind a large AoE exlosion on death, ranged can prevent getting hit by this, dodging away from them after you deplete their health will also avoid the AoE.

  • Hydro Hawks: The Hawks have long ranged Hydro projectile attacks and they can also charge at you and do a knockback, ranged is the only way to take these out.

  • Hydro Sparrows: These can do a small or big leaping attack that deals major damage, they can also pounce at you in close range. Sidestep their attacks with dodges to avoid this, these will also explode upon death.

  • Hydro Squirrel: The Squirrels will attack you from close range and do minor damage, dodge any direction to avoid their attacks.

(1 of 3) These should be your main priority due to the damage they can dish out

Rhodeia Abilities


Rhodeia will submerge and then reappear a short while later.

Sinking Platforms

After every two waves, Rhodeia will sink two platforms making the arena smaller to fight on, if you are caught on the platform that sinks, you’ll take moderate damage although this is unlikely as the AI targets platforms furthest away from you.

Rhodeia will sink two platforms after each wave of enemies defeated.


This is an enrage type attack where if you take too long the Boss will cast a unvoidable Whirlpool around you doing major damage over time. If you cast an Elemetal Burst at the right time you can use the invincibility frames to dodge it but don’t rely on this.


Bring along a party that has access to Pyro, Electro and Cryo, one or two of these should be ranged. Party members like Diluc, Klee and Amber are great as the Pyro users, Razor, Keqing and Fischl are good as your Electro, Chongyun is great as a Cryo user due to his Elemental Skill which covers a fairly large area with Cryo that can apply Frozen to enemies with your standard attacks, Diona is also quite useful due to her being a Cryo ranged fighter. Characters like Noelle and Zhongli can provide the defense with their shields.

You will not be fighting Rhodeia directly in this battle, instead you will fight the familiars that it summons, defeating the familiars will reduce Rhodeia’s health a portion. After every two waves of the familiars, Rhodeia will sink two platforms of the arena leaving you with less space to fight on.

The Hydro Frogs should be your priority as soon as you see them due to them dealing major damage when they hit you, taking care not to get hit by their AoE as they die. Use ranged attacks to take out the Ducks, Squirrels and Hawks but be careful of the Hawks swooping attack that can be dodged by standing underneath it.

If you do take too long and the Rhodeia casts the Whirlpool spell, try using your own Elemental Burst as this can give you a few invincibility frames which may make you survive the attack, do not rely on this though.


Use the Original Resin to claim your Rewards.

Upon completion you must touch the Trounce Blossom and spend 60 Original Resin to claim the boss rewards. The drops consist of Artifacts and Character Ascension Materials. You’ll only have to wait five minutes to attempt the boss again or you can teleport to another location and back again for an instant respawn.

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