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Genshin Impact

Act I: Outrider Style

Matt Chard

How to complete Amber’s Story Quest Outrider Style

Mondstadt Glider is the last quest of Amber’s story quest: Wind, Courage, and Wings. This page will walk you through all possible steps to complete it.

The Traveler is about to enter Raptor’s hideout in Springvale.

Unlock Criteria

Reach Adventure Rank 8 and complete the Archon Questline: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards
Genshin Impact Screenshot275 Genshin Impact Screenshot6,175 Genshin Impact Screenshot60 Genshin Impact Screenshot5 Genshin Impact Screenshot3 Genshin Impact Screenshot7 Genshin Impact Screenshot


During your pursuit, you track Raptor to his hideout. You plunge into its depths without hesitation. Time to bring this criminal to justice.


  1. Enter Raptor’s Hideout
  2. Talk to Amber
  3. Defeat all enemies
  4. Hunt down Raptor
  5. Glide over the Chasm
  6. Track down Raptor and arrest him!
  7. Go to the Cathedral to get your gliding license

Enter Raptor’s Hideout

Raptor’s Hideout can be in the side of a mountain, midway of the path, southwest from the Springvale Teleport waypoint. Interact with the objective marker, to bring up a menu detailing the domain: The Reward for Courage is Flight. Click on it, and choose your party, then you’ll get transported into it.

Talk to Amber

As you get inside, Amber will tell that there’s only one way from here, and that Raptor must be up ahead. Apparently the only way to catch up with him, is by gliding. The only problem is that if you take off, the enemies below will fire upon you. Furthermore, she’ll tell you that although unorthodox, doing this, will complete your gliding exam.

Defeat all enemies

After she’s finished speaking, you’ll get a tutorial explaining how to avoid the enemies attacks, as well as how to drop bombs. Glide west by using the wind current, and drop your first bomb on the three Hilichurls below. Once they’re defeated, continue west, and drop another bomb on the next group of unsuspecting Hilichurls. Head south whilst still dropping bombs to defeat the enemies, and then go through the white acceleration rings at the end of the corridor.

These will take you out into an open area, use the speed to glide over the wind currents to the next area on your west. Continue west, whilst once again, making sure you take out all the enemies with your bombs. Once the enemies have been defeated, go through the door at the end of the corridor.

Hunt down Raptor

The only thing left to do, is hunt down Raptor. Head south, and glide across to the next tower, then as you land on the floor, switch to Amber, and shoot the red barrels next to the Hilichurl Shooter. This will defeat it, and open the gate to your left. Go through it, and continue south until you reach a crossroad. To your west, you’ll have some thorns blocking your path, shoot them with a charged shot from Amber, and you’ll find a Common Chest. Now turn around, and head east, here, you’ll find a room filled with water, with some devices shooting electricity into it. Shoot the power sources on either side of the wall to stop it, and eventually the water will get drained. Jump on down, and interact with the device in the middle which’ll open the door to the next room.

This is a large room with many platforms hosting Hilichurl Shooters and some barrels. Shoot the barrels next to the Hilichurls to defeat them instantly. With all enemies defeated, interact with the device in the middle to activate a wind current in the corner of the room to your west, before going on it, shoot a charged shot at the thorns to your east, and open the Common Chest. Jump on the wind current, which’ll take you to the next floor, and take out the enemies at the other side of the room, with them defeated, activate the device to open the door in front of it, and head through it.

Glide south across the large chasm using the accelerator rings to reach the other side, and when you walk forward, you’ll get a scene, and you finally find Raptor. Amber will tell him that he has nowhere to escape to which Raptor finds amusing, as he is sure that you won’t be able to get to him anyway.

Glide over the Chasm

Here comes the moment of truth, jump across, and just when it looks like you’ll plunge to your death, a wind current comes from nowhere, and lifts you back up, on to the other platform, unfortunately Raptor has already gone.

Track down Raptor and arrest him!

Head through the door, and you’ll have to battle Raptor and a few of his henchmen. This fight won’t be any different to any other fight with a group of Treasure Hoarders, and he’ll go down pretty easily. When you’ve defeated them, you’ll get a scene, and after it’s ended, the domain will be complete.

Go to the Cathedral to get your gliding license

Open the chest, then exit the domain, and teleport to the upper Mondstadt waypoint. Head to the Cathedral, and enter it, then go to the front to speak with Amber. You’ll get a short scene with her congratulating you, and giving you your gliding license. You’ll have a bit of back and forth, then the scene and quest will end.

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