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Genshin Impact

Act I: Farewell, Sweet Salt

Matt Chard
Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards
575 31,125 4 7


With the aid of Zhongli’s knowledge, you are able to undo the seals, but before entering the ruin, he lays a condition before Wanyan and Kliment: to alternate who gets claim to each treasure encountered, with only one object permitted per claim


  1. Explore the cave and enter the ruins
  2. Explore further and look for divine relics
  3. Punish Kliment
  4. Talk to Zhongli and Wanyan
  5. Proceed deeper within
  6. Catch up to Wanyan

Explore the cave and enter the ruins

Descend into the cave by gliding down, before going to the bottom, glide to the north platform and you’ll notice a Common Chest which is encased in stone, attack it with a claymore or magic and open it up, continue down to the bottom and then head east.

(1 of 2) The first chest can be found behind the broken down wall

The first chest can be found behind the broken down wall (left), the second chest is concealed by the shrubbery. (right)

Keep heading east until you reach a lake, before heading across, turn to the north and you will notice a dilapidated wall, just behind it, is a Common Chest, open it up and then head back to the lake, take the north path across and you’ll notice three Cor Lapis deposits, just to the east of this is another Common Chest concealed by the shrubbery, open it and continue to the east where you’ll see a glowing marker, head to it to enter the one-time Domain “Of Mysteries and Salt”.

Explore further and look for divine relics

Zhongli will be playable as a trial character for this Domain. As soon as you enter, follow the path until you reach the Door of Resurrection, turn to the north and you’ll see a group of Hilichurls, defeat them and you’ll notice that you can’t reach the platform above, switch to Zhongli and use his Elemental Skill Dominus Lapidis, if you quickly tap the skill, it will create a Geo Pillar which you can use to climb up.

(1 of 2) Use Zhongli’s Elemental skill to conjure up a Geo construct so you can climb it to reach the platform

Use Zhongli’s Elemental skill to conjure up a Geo construct so you can climb it to reach the platform (left), put a construct on one pressure plate as you stand on the other. (right)

Use the pillar to climb up to the raised platform and then use it one more time to reach the next platform, continue north and go towards the Relic on the pedestal and you’ll get a cut scene. After the scene ends, a door to your west will open, head through it and defeat the four Hilichurls at the end of the path, go south and you’ll notice two circular pressure plates, what you need to do here is, place one Geo construct from Zhongli’s Elemental Skill Dominus Lapidis and stand on the other one to open the door, go through the door towards the next Relic which will give you another scene.

Punish Kliment

Fatui Kliment

It seems Kliment has got to greedy and has broken the contract which Zhongli demands punishment for. Kliment is basically an enhanced version of a Fatui Pyro Agent and will constantly pepper you with fireballs.

Start the battle as Zhongli and use his Shield skill which is activated by holding in the Elemental Skill button as this will negate a moderate amount of damage directed towards you, keep this up at all times.

Kliment has several moves to be wary off:

Invisibility: He can go completely invisible for several seconds, making it so he can’t be attacked by ranged attacks or any other skills which require a target. Using Elemental Skills which provide an elemental status to him will put a blue outline around his silhouette.

Spinning Knife Guard: This skill will make three blades rotate around him, dealing Pyro damage to anyone it touches, stand away from him when he does this to avoid being hit.

Charge attack: Whilst invisible, he will dash towards and slash at you for major damage, stay on the move and dodge to avoid this or take him out of his invisibility.

(1 of 3) Use an AoE attack to take Kliment out of his Invisibility

Knife Throw: Kliment will throw a knife at you from range for a moderate amount of damage, dodge when it’s about to hit you.

Pyro Clone: He will conjure up one clone at a time, when six of them are on the field, they’ll charge at you in sequence with him attacking you for one final strike for major amounts of damage. The clones don’t have a lot of health and can be defeated quickly so make sure he doesn’t get the six of them out.


A combination of Hydro and Electro work well here as well as area of effect skills like Ganyu’s Elemental Burst, Celestial Shower. If you attack him whilst he’s invisible, you can temporarily stunlock him for lots of damage, keep Zhongli’s Geo construct on top of the pressure plate, climb to the top of it and glide over to the other platform and open the **
** Shield up and he’ll soon go down.

Talk to Zhongli and Wanyan

Once the battle has finished, a cut scene will occur and Zhongli will call out Wanyan about her reasons for being here.

Proceed deeper within

After the scene, head south and then immediately east to find a Common Chest, go back and continue south and glide over to the next platform, put another one of Zhongli’s Geo construct on top of the pressure plate, climb to the top of it and glide over to the other platform and open the Common Chest, go in-between the three totems and hold down Zhongli’s]( “Zhongli”) Elemental Skill to activate them all at once which will unlock the device, activate said device to open the door, continue east and defeat the group of Hilichurls.

(1 of 3) Use Zhongli’s Geo constructs on the pressure plate to glide over and open the chest

Climb up the small platform to the west for a Common Chest and then go towards the Relic for a scene with the Broken Sword, Zhongli will tell Wanyan the truth about her God, the God of Salt which she doesn’t take well at all and runs off.

Catch up to Wanyan

Go through the northern door, across the small gap and then go up the stairs to the east and you’ll get a cut scene, after it ends, talk to Wanyan for another scene which reveals more to her about the God of Salt. Once the scene ends, the quest will finish.


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