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Genshin Impact

Knight and Deaconess, Ready for Battle!

Matt Chard

How to complete Knight and Deaconess, Ready for Battle!

This page is a walkthrough for the quest “Knight and Deaconess, Ready for Battle!”, it will navigate you through all the choices to get all possible endings using our Timeline images to help you with the navigation.

Caishan the Merchant happy with being rescued.


Use the Timeline to plan the path you want to take.

This Timeline can help you navigate which branch to take.

If you came here through “The First Chilibrew Ingredient” quest

Follow the below events if you ended up on this quest from “The First Chilibrew Ingredient”.

Defeat the Treasure Hoarders

Teleport to the Starfell Lake Statue of the Seven and head west across the lake, and you’ll spot three Treasure Hoarders holding a merchant captive, walk closer towards them, and a fight will break out.

You’ll face off against one Crusher and two Pyro Potioneers, take them out the same way you’d normally take out the Treasure Hoarders and a second wave will appear. This group consists of two Seamans, one Crusher and one Pugilist, this group is a bit more aggressive than the previous but nothing you can’t handle. Once they have been dealt with, one more group will spawn, this group can be tough as they have three Crushers and two Cryo Potioneers, have a shield up if possible and have healing on hand.

The Merchant needs saving from the Treasure Hoarders.

Talk to Caishan

The Merchant is delighted at her rescue and demands you take a reward, after some deliberation with Barbara, you agree to accept the reward, eventually Caishan will say…“Yes, adventurers are savvy when it comes to rewards… What’ll it be? Liyue’s famous Chilibrew, sweet Flowers, or Mora?” Which will lead to three important choices:

“Well, we were looking for Sweet Flowers…”

This will lead to “Home-Made Chilibrew”

“I’d like to try that Liyue Chilibrew…”

This will lead to “A Spicy Brew”

“Let’s go with Mora.”

This choice will end the Hangout Event.

Home-Made Chilibrew

Talk to Barbara

After the scene has ended, speak to Barbara, and you’ll both try the Liyue Chilibrew, after the scene ends, you’ll unlock Ending 4.

If you came here through “Healing Is My Job” quest

Follow the below events if you ended up on this quest from “Healing Is My Job”.

A Spicy Brew

Head to the garden near the Adventurers’ Guild and wait for Barbara

Teleport to Mondstadt and head to the west, your objective marker will direct you to a bench in the garden, approach it and you’ll get a scene with Barbara and after talking for a while, the quest will end, and you’ll receive Ending 5.

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