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Genshin Impact

Act I: New Shoots from Old Branches

Matt Chard

This is a walkthrough for Kamisato Ayato’s Story Quest “New Shoots from Old Branches” which is the first quest in the Cypressus Custos Chapter: Act 1, The Firmiana Leaf Falls. Here, you’ll find a complete walkthrough for the entire quest.

The elegant Kamisato Ayato.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot650 Genshin Impact Screenshot38,100 heros_wit_Items_Genshin_Impact.png4 Genshin Impact Screenshot8 Adventure Rank 40, Complete: Omnipresence Over Mortals - Chapter 2: Act 3, Reflections of Mortality, Chisato’s Letter World Quest. One Story Key. The Truth Is Also a Lie


As you and Paimon pass by Ogura Textiles and Kimonos, you bump into two rather familiar people…


  1. Hit the Inazuma City streets
  2. Meet Ayaka at the Kamisato Estate / Enter the Yashiro Commission Headquarters
  3. Report back to Ippei and Shinnojou
  4. Go to the Kujou Estate and talk to Kujou Kamaji
  5. Go to the Hiiragi Estate in Ritou
  6. Kill some time in Ritou
  7. Meet Hiiragi Chisato
  8. Leave the Hiiragi Estate and go over what you know

Hit the Inazuma City streets

Once you have the quest unlocked, your objective will be to head to the Inazuma Streets. Teleport to the lower Inazuma City waypoint and head north. As you walk through the streets, Paimon will notice a couple of familiar faces. On closer inspection, it appears to be Ippei and Shinnojou. Paimon greets the pair, and asks what brings them here. Apparently, Ippei is just ordering some clothes, and Shinnojou asks Ippei how he knows you. He explains that you helped him and Master Kamaji out a while back, and he asks the same of Shinnojou. He tells Ippei that it was a chance encounter when Lady Chisato had you help out as additional guards to escort you out of Ritou.

Shinnojou and Ippei are having a conversation in Inazuma City.

Although Paimon thinks it’s a coincidence that they all know each other, Ippei corrects Paimon and tells her that they’ve just met. According to Ippei, they are both here to order clothes for their respective leaders, and they just ended up chatting about the supposed relationship between Master Kamaji, and Lady Chisato. Both of them seem to think that a surprise wedding between the two may be happening anytime soon.

It appears that Shinnojou isn’t taking the news so well as it seems he has a crush on Lady Chisato, although he won’t admit it. And he tells you he’s losing sleep over not knowing if the marriage is true or not. Paimon suggests to him that you pay a visit to the Yanshiro Commission as they oversee wedding ceremonies, and one of the leaders of the commission just happens to be a close friend to you.

Meet Ayaka at the Kamisato Estate / Enter the Yashiro Commission Headquarters

The Kamisato Estate can be found on the far east of Narukami Island.

Teleport to the Kamisato Estate, and walk towards the entrance for a short scene. When the scene ends, head into the estate, and go through the guarded double doors to the north. This will trigger another scene, and the first person you’ll see is Thoma. After greeting each other, he’ll tell you that if you’re looking for Ayaka, you’re out of luck as she’s out right now.

A mysterious voice asks Thoma if that happens to be the Traveler that he’s speaking with, and after telling him that you are indeed the Traveler, the mysterious voice introduces himself. It appears that the voice belongs to the esteemed head of the Kamisato Clan, Kamisato Ayato. The first thing he does is express his gratitude towards you for helping out his sister, Ayaka. Although she is out, he offers his help in her absence. A nervous Paimon poorly attempts good etiquette, before both Thoma and Ayato she can relax. This allows Paimon to become her normal blunt self, and she blurts out the question on whether Kujou Kamaji and Hiiragi Chisato are going to get married soon.

This surprised Ayato at first as he wouldn’t have thought that you would know about this yet. You explain to him that you have crossed paths with both of them before, and Ayato will tell you that he only just received the news himself a short while ago. Furthermore, it is extremely unusual for high-profile matrimonial links between two Commissions to become joined through marriage. He tells you that because this is between the Kujou, and the Hiiragi Clan, the Kamisato Clan should show their respect. Thoma offers to do this for him, but he tells him that he has some spare time, and he’ll do it himself, and suggests you come with him.

Report back to Ippei and Shinnojou

Head back outside to tell Ippei and Shinnojou the news, and you’ll have to introduce Ayato to them. This leaves Shinnojou in tatters whilst Ippei appears to be in great spirits over the news. Ayato asks them to keep this news strictly confidential, and tells them he wants to pay respects to the future couple, and asks Ippei, and Shinnojou if they would mind escorting him to them.

Go to the Kujou Estate and talk to Kujou Kamaji

Your first stop will be the Kujou Estate. Teleport back to the lower Inazuma City waypoint, and make your way southwest to the estate. When you reach the complex, head through the double doors for a scene. Ippei will take you to Kujou Kamaji, and take his leave. Kujou apologizes for not having a more extravagant reception, but they are busy at this time. Ayato offers an apology of his own as he didn’t mean to impose, and he tells them of the wonderful news he heard, and that he wants to congratulate them in person.

The Kamaji Estate can be found in the northwest of the southern part of Inazuma City.

They have a conversation about the Commissions as well as other stuff, and at one point, Ayato will warn Kujou that If he chooses now, of all moments, to announce a marriage between the Hiiragi and Kujou Clans. The kinds of rumors that may begin to spread, both among the public and in the Kanjou Commission, are not likely to be in either of your best interests. Furthermore, Hiiragi Shinsuke is still in prison, and he is firmly against any contact with Kujou, which is why Kujou thought it would be the best time to do it otherwise he may never have the chance.

Kujou Kamaji in deep conversation with the party.

He further explains that he couldn’t turn down the proposal from Lady Chisato after the letter she sent him. This surprises the group as they thought the proposal came from Kujou. This also came as a surprise to Kujou as well, because after he received the letter, he proposed in person to Lady Chisato, and she denied sending any letter, but he just assumed she was being coy. So he played along with it, and she said yes to the proposal.

After talking a bit more, Ayato congratulates Kujou once more before leaving. You’ll leave the estate with Ayato, and he’ll ask your opinion on the whole situation, and both of you feel like something is off. He tells you that if this is the case, you face two obstacles. First, you have very little information to go on, and secondly the person involved doesn’t seem to care. If you intervene without their blessing, good intentions can lead to catastrophic results. Before you can do anything, Ayato suggests you pay Lady Chisato a visit.

Go to the Hiiragi Estate in Ritou

Teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Ritou, and head south towards the Hiiragi Estate. As you approach the entrance, you’ll get a scene. It appears that some Kanjou Commission members are talking among each other. It appears they’re in the process of getting the place ready for the wedding, discussing who they should invite to it. The conversation stops short as they notice Ayato, and they greet the Yashiro Commissioner. Yagi will ask him what they owe the pleasure, and he’ll tell them he’s just here bearing felicitations of the Kamisato Clan.

Some commission members are trying to figure out who to invite to the wedding.

Matsuura will tell you that their lady is entertaining guests at the moment, but asks that you still come in regardless. Ayato will tell them that you don’t want to impose, and you’ll just take a walk around the area instead whilst you wait for Lady Chisato to become available. Ayato will tell you that he spotted a stall on your way over here that can help you pass some time.

Kill some time in Ritou

When the scene ends, head out of the estate to the southwest, and at the bottom of the stairs you’ll find the stall that Ayato was talking about. If you remember the Raiden Shogun story quest, you’ll recognize the owner, Tomoki. He’s the vendor who liked to try novel ideas like mixing Dango milk with weird and wonderful combinations. It appears that he’s changed his approach a bit, allowing customers to choose what they want mixed, and he provides the ingredients. Unfortunately for Tomoki, Ayato takes to the idea and tells him that he’d like to try Lavender Melon, Seagrass, and Sea Ganoderma mixed with milk!

Tomoki and his creative cuisines show up again.

He tells you that the taste is secondary to the experience of trying new things. Ayato turns to you, and asks if you have any thoughts on the matter. You can answer with anything here although Dango will give you the better response. After drinking your creative milk, Ayato will tell you he noticed something before you left the Hiiragi Clan’s residence. Apparently, the commission members mentioned that all the other clans are happy for the Hiiragi Clan, but it’s not the truth according to Ayato.

When you ask him to explain himself, he tells you that the Hiiragi Shinsuke is still in prison, meaning the Kanjou Commission is the least stable in the Tri-Commission. With Lady Chisato being the sole remaining pillar of her clan, and plans to marry into the Kujou Clan, he wouldn’t feel optimistic about the future too. Although they probably wouldn’t want to talk about family matters to outsiders it still doesn’t sit right with him.

He tells Hisashi to keep an eye on him, and out of nowhere Hisahi appears out of nowhere, which gives Paimon a fright. She asks who he is, and apparently he is one of Ayato’s most trusted members of the Shuumatsuban, and that he’s been quietly watching out for you this whole time. After Ayato orders one more milk for Thoma (poor Thoma), Yokoyama tells you that Lady Chisato is ready for you.

Meet Hiiragi Chisato

Hiiragi Estate can be found in Ritou.

Head back to the estate, and meet Lady Chisato under the gazebo next to it. You all greet each other, and Lady Chisato is happy to see you and Paimon again. You ask her how she’s doing, and she admits it’s been tough the past few weeks, especially after what Shinnojou told her earlier. Apparently it was out of character for Shinnojou as he’s usually quiet, but what he told her started to make sense. He didn’t mince his words too, and basically told her not to marry Kamaji. He also explained to her that she was the final pillar propping up her clan. If she marries into the Kujou Clan, that pillar is taken away. There will no longer be a voice of authority in the Hiiragi Clan, and it could be a disastrous move for her personal image, too…

Lady Chisato welcomes the party.

After Ayato explains to her about the letter, it appears that neither of them wrote the letter which means there must be an outside player who wants them to get married. She admits that without this letter they probably wouldn’t have gotten married, although they do love each other, and the letter was the trigger that set everything in motion. You tell her that you’re gonna leave, and Lady Chisato tells Ayato she’ll take everything he said to her. When the goodbyes have commenced, Ayato will tell you to find somewhere private to talk.

Leave the Hiiragi Estate and go over what you know

When the scene ends, leave the estate and head southwest towards the coast. As you and Ayato go over everything you’ve learned. He can’t seem to shake the feeling of how strange everything is. Why would someone want Lady Chisato and Kujou Kamaji to be married as soon as possible, and that the same person most likely sent the letter that led to all this. He further explains that the perpetrator is smart, because if the letter was questioned, they could just explain it away as a kind-hearted attempt to play matchmaker. Furthermore, the perpetrator would weaken the Hiiragi Clan without having to lift a finger.

The party going over everything that they have learned so far.

Ayato hypotheses that with Lady Chisato getting married into the Kujou Clan, and the head of the Hiiragi Clan in prison, it would most likely challenge the leadership of the Hiiragi Clan leading to another clan eventually taking their place. At this time, without any evidence, it’s all conjecture, and as of right now, you conclude that you don’t have any. Ayato will tell you that in-fact, you do, Shinnojou.

Apparently, Ayato’s right-hand, Hisashi, tells you that he saw some people take away Shinnojou. After Ayato explains the politics of the situation at hand, you tell him that you must stop her from agreeing to the marriage. Unfortunately it won’t be that easy, concludes Ayato as the perpetrators are manipulating everything from the shadows, and for you to do anything, you’ll need them to come out and bare their fangs. Until then, he suggests that you all should go and rescue poor Shinnojou from his captors. When the scene ends, so will the quest.

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