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Genshin Impact

With You

Matt Chard

This is a walkthrough for Ayaka’s Story Quest “With You” which is the fifth quest in the Grus Nivis Chapter. Here, you’ll find a complete walkthrough for the entire quest.

Ayaka arriving at the Amakane Island Festival.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
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Now knowing that all this came from her mother’s childhood wish, Kamisato Ayaka invites you to go with her to Amakane Island to take part in a festivity that she has been looking forward to for a long time now.


  1. Go to Amakane Island
  2. Go to the festival with Kamisato Ayaka
  3. Follow Kamisato Ayaka
  4. Talk to Kamisato Ayaka
  5. Follow Kamisato Ayaka
  6. Keep following Kamisato Ayaka

Go to Amakane Island

Ayaka asked if you wanted to go to the festival, and you agreed. Teleport to the southern Byakko Plain waypoint, and head west across the water to Amakane Island. As you get to the beginning of the stone path, you’ll get a scene. Naturally, Paimon will be overexcited, only to be let down when she finds out hardly anyone is here, Ayaka will tell you both that it’s because it’s the final day of the festival, and that most of the visitors have returned home… oh well, more for us!

Amakane Island can be found to the west of the southern Byakko Plain waypoint.

Go to the festival with Kamisato Ayaka

When the scene ends, follow Ayaka up the trail, and she’ll stop by one of the vendors, Sanden. As you approach them, you’ll get another scene. She’ll tell you that the festival hasn’t closed yet, and you should see as much as you can. Sanden notices Ayaka, and you’ll talk for a bit before Sanden offers you and Ayaka a free mask, but Ayaka doesn’t like to be handed charity or a fuss being made of her, she just wants to be treated like a regular visitor. She’ll tell you that she didn’t take you to just sight see, she just genuinely wanted to spend some time with you.

Sanden is surprised to see Ayaka at the festival.

Follow Kamisato Ayaka

When the scene ends, continue to follow Ayaka, and she’ll stand next to Shimizu, the Fortune Slip Vendor.

Ayaka looking at the Fortune Slip cylinders.

Talk to Kamisato Ayaka

Head over, and speak to her for another scene. Once again, Ayaka will be offered something free of charge, and once again, she turns it down, Shimizu tells her that the Yanshiro Commission was very good to his uncle, so he wouldn’t feel right asking for money. She agrees to take the fortune slip for free after asking you and Paimons opinion on the matter. Click the cylinder to draw a fortune slip, and you’ll each get a fortune, with Paimon and Ayaka getting the same one. Shimizu will tell you what your fortune means, but the TLDR of it is, you won’t be running out of good luck anytime soon. They all appear to be pleased with their fortunes, and the scene will end.

Follow Kamisato Ayaka

Once again, follow Ayaka further up the trail, and she’ll stop by the next store on your right. This appears to be a food stall that sells Inazuman specialties; she tells you to pick anything you want, as it’s her treat. Paimon chooses everything, because, why not? And you’ll try a few yourself. You all take a liking to the Sakura Mochi, and Ayaka will ask the owner if he would mind telling you how it’s made. For some reason, he’s happy to divulge his secrets, and writes out the recipe for you, telling you that you gave out the recipe for Pizza to Kiminami Restaurant, and they are good friends, so he’s just returning the favor. Murakami will then gift you the recipe too, and you’ll receive the Recipe: Sakura Mochi. After that, the scene will end.

Marukami sells all different types of Inazuman specialties like Sakura Mochi.

Keep following Kamisato Ayaka

When the scene ends, continue following Ayaka until you reach the Prayer Plaque vendor, Yoshikawa. Once again, you’ll get another scene, and Ayaka will explain what prayer plaques are, and Paimon will acknowledge the fact that it’s similar to the releasing of Lanterns during the Lantern Rite in Liyue. You’ll all make a wish with the plaque, then hang it on the prayer rack. Your wish is to see your sibling again, whilst Ayaka’s will be Tenshukaku, which is peace for Inazuma, and good health for her family and friends.

Ayaka placing a prayer plaque on the prayer rack.

After you finish speaking, Ayaka will tell you that’s all she has time for, and that the festival is coming to a close. You’ll return to Chinju Forest with her, and she’ll leave some parting words, and tell you how happy today made her. She has one more thing up her sleeve, and asks you to keep your eyes on her, cinematic plays, and she performs a song and dance. You all talk about how much you enjoyed it and the scene will end. With the scene ending, so will the quest, and chapter.

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