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Genshin Impact

A Very Special Beverage

Matt Chard

How to complete A Very Special Beverage

This page is a walkthrough for the quest “A very Special Beverage”, it will navigate you through all the choices to get all possible endings using our Timeline images to help you with the navigation.

Yellow flowers bloom overhead whilst Barbara and the Traveler deal with her fans.

Look for Barbara around The Cat’s Tail

Barbara can be found in-between the Good Hunter restaurant and the Adventurers Guild, as you approach her, you’ll see she has made quite the commotion with the locals. As you go to speak with her, you’ll get a small scene and then she’ll start speaking with you.

It appears she looks flustered and you’ll deduce that it is because of the crowd. It seems three people in particular are giving her anxiety and these people would be Susie, Herman and Schulz.

This Timeline can help you navigate which branch to take.

Persuade Suzie

Talk to Suzie and you’ll find out she is enamored with Barbara’s Style (Fashion) and that she wants to be more like her, she’ll say… “Please, Barbara-sama, teach me your style! How can I be more like you?” Which will give you two choices:

“Please don’t disturb her, Barbara’s currently on leave.”

Choosing this option won’t make Suzie stop pestering Barbara.

“If it’s Barbara’s style you’re after, you could start by being considerate to others.”

Choosing this option will make Suzie stop pestering Barbara.

Suzie is trying to get the attention of Barbara, so she can find out how to match her style.

Persuade Herman

Hernan keeps suggesting the autograph is for his daughter, Ellin, but it seems painstakingly obvious that it’s for himself, eventually he’ll say… “Herman: Barbara-sama, can I get an autograph? Ellin would be so happy, she’s your biggest fan!” To which you’ll reply:

“Barbara’s currently on leave, please don’t disturb her.”

Choosing this option won’t make Hernan stop pestering Barbara.

“Barbara is on official business right now.”

Choosing this option will make Hernan stop pestering Barbara.

Herman trying his best to get an autograph for his daughter.

Persuade Schulz

Shulz appears to really appreciate how diligent Barbara is with her work and he keeps asking on advice on how to be more like her. Eventually he’ll say…“Oh, Barbara-sama! You’re so hard-working… If I put in as much effort as you, who knows where my apprenticeship would take me!” To which you can answer:

“Barbara’s currently on leave, please don’t disturb her. “

Choosing this option won’t make Schulz stop pestering Barbara.

“Barbara’s working right now, please don’t disturb her.”

Choosing this option will make Schulz stop pestering Barbara.

Schulz really appreciates Barbara’s work ethic.

Deaconess’s Time Off

Both of the outcomes lead to this path and after spending some time with Barbara you’ll be able to ask her “What’s the Barbara Fan Club?” Which will lead you to Ending 3.

To have this option appear, you’ll have to ask some specific questions.

How to unlock the “What’s the Barbara Fan Club?” dialogue option

  • Find Barbara in Wolvendom
  • Just wait here, we’ll go send that person away.
  • Hold on, what’s the Barbara Fan Club?
  • Wolvendom is a large area, it would be difficult for you to cover it alone. You should find some others to help you search first.
  • How can you be certain she’s out here picking Wolfhooks? She might not even be anywhere nearby here.
  • But do you hear her now? Barbara-sama may have already left the area a while ago.
  • Accept the Red Wolfhooks from Albert and return to Barbara.
  • Leave it to us!
  • Fantastic Summer-Serendipity Coral Sparkling Tea does sound pretty amazing.
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