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Genshin Impact

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Act 1: Seven-Star Selection

Matt Chard

This is a walkthrough for Yelan’s Story Quest “Seven-Star Selection” which is the first quest in the Umbrabilis Orchis Chapter: Act 1, Calculated Gambit. Here, you’ll find a complete walkthrough for the entire quest.

Yelan and the Traveler are interviewing candidates for the next Tianshu, who will it be?

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot400 Genshin Impact Screenshot24,100 heroswitItemsGenshinImpact.png3 Genshin Impact Screenshot5 Adventure Rank 40, Complete: Perilous Trail - Interlude Chapter: Act 2, Sea of Clouds, Sea of People. One Story Key. Candidature Analysis


As you stroll around Liyue, you bump into a familiar person…


  1. Walk around Liyue Harbor
  2. Go to the 2nd floor of Yanshang Teahouse
  3. Go to Yuehai Pavilion to perform your inspection
  4. Check the candidate’s manifesto (0/3)
  5. Check on the three people with Yelan
  6. Report the outcome of your inspection to Uncle Tian

Walk around Liyue Harbor

As you start the quest, your objective will be to walk around Liyue Harbor. Teleport to the lower Liyue waypoint. You’ll almost immediately trigger a scene, and you’ll bump into Huixin, who if you can remember is the Tianshu’s daughter. She’ll tell you that she has been feeling distracted at work, and the cause of this is that her father, Tian is stepping down as the Tianshu due to him not feeling as sprightly as he used to be.

When you ask her what’s wrong, she’ll tell you it’s nothing serious, and that her father just doesn’t have the energy he used to. Apparently, Tian is having a spot of tea at the nearby Yanshang Teahouse, and she suggests you come with her to pay him a visit as he is fond of talking to you two.

Huixin will tell you that her father, Tian isn't well.

Go to the 2nd floor of Yanshang Teahouse

Proceed northwest, and take the stairs to the west to reach the second floor of the Yangshang Teahouse, and head towards Tian for a scene. You’ll briefly catch up with him before Paimon tells him that you’re worried about his health. He’ll tell you not to worry, and that it’s just old age catching up with him.

You’ll find out that he intends on stepping down from the role of Tianshu, and that he needs to find a replacement, but because of the nature of the job, he can’t use a public selection process. Because of this situation, he enlisted some help, and you may just know them. Enter Yelan.

The person who'll help find the next Tianshu is Yelan.

The person who’ll help find the next Tianshu is none other than Yelan. The fact that she has ties with Ningguang, and she’s of the covert type probably helped Tian trust her judgment. She’ll tell you that she’s been asked to assess the candidates, and will ask if you want to tag along. When you’re finished talking to Tian, she’ll meet you on the first floor.

After you tell Tian about your adventures, you’ll meet up with Yelan who’ll tell you that the three candidates that you are to assess are: Qianwei, Mingbo, and Zhiyi. Qianwei is a wealthy entrepreneur, Mingbo works at the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and Zhiyi’s focus has been on study and travel. You’ll meet them at the Yuehai Pavilion, so make your way there.

Go to Yuehai Pavilion to perform your inspection

The Yuehai Pavilion is situated in the northwestern corner of Liyue. As you approach it, you’ll get a scene. One of the three candidates isn’t happy that they weren’t given a chair to sit on whilst they wait, and another disagrees with his statements. The third candidate tells the first candidate that it was uncalled-for, and the second to cut him some slack, then suggest you grab a few chairs from the nearby guild.

You’ll meet up with Yelan, and she’ll tell you that it’s those three who you’ll be assessing. She’ll run you through the process, which includes two stages. These stages are the Current Affairs and Planning, and a Face-to-Face Interview. For the first stage, she required them to write a manifesto for Liyue’s development, but whatever they write in the manifesto, they will be held to. The second stage, which is the Face-to Face interview will judge their character. She’ll tell you to read the manifestos yourself to get an idea about what each candidate’s plans for Liyue.

Check the candidate’s manifesto (0/3)

When the scene ends, head over to the table in front of you, and read the manifestos. The manifestos will read as follows:

  • Qianwei’s Manifesto – Covers many commercial issues and provides some very penetrating analysis. Their focus is regulations and incentives are both indispensable.

  • Zhiyi’s Manifesto – Covers domestic affairs, foreign affairs, and checks and balances. Their focus is problem-solving.

  • Mingbo’s Manifesto – Covers domestic affairs, and people’s livelihoods. Their focus is The greater good means a world that works for everyone.

After you’ve finished skimming through the manifestos, head over to Yelan for a scene.

Read the manifestos on the table, the larger pile is Zhiyi's, seems he's put a lot of work in to this.

Check on the three people with Yelan

After briefly talking to Yelan, you’ll head over to the interview stage. Each candidate will be given a small amount of time to impress both you and Yelan. First up is Qianwei. This is how the interviews will go.

  • Qianwei - If he wants the role of Tian, he isn’t showing his best side. He starts the interview by insulting you and Yelan by saying he expected to see Lady Ningguang considering the role that he was applying for. Then he implies that you won’t be smart enough to understand his manifesto, although he doesn’t outright say it.

  • Mingbo - He is the polar opposite of Qianwei, timid in his responses, not good at public speeches, and he mainly talks about his work in the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

  • Zhiyi - Finally, a decent candidate, he speaks well, and says all the right things, and he would take accountability if anything went wrong.

(1 of 3) First up is, Qianwei. He comes across as rude.

After talking to the three of them, it’s clear that Zhiyi is the frontrunner for the role. Yelan will break down how she saw the interviews. She thinks that Qianwei is highly knowledgeable, and his manifesto targets the big issues, but he is maybe too proud and stubborn. Mingbo’s plan is more detail-oriented, but too timid in conversation, and doesn’t come across as articulate. Finally, Zhiyi ticks all the right boxes, he speaks well, he’s modest, his manifesto took a lot of work, and he knows how to deal with people, but his views are almost identical to Tian’s. After she’s given you the rundown, she suggests that you report to Tian.

Report the outcome of your inspection to Uncle Tian

Head back to the Yuehai Pavilion, and go up to the second floor to speak with Tian. You’ll tell him about your assessment, and he’ll explain that all the candidates have studied under him at some point, and Qianwei went on to focus on business, Mingbo focused on his work in the Ministry of Civil Affairs. As for Zhiyi, their meeting was pure chance. They’re both avid fishermans, and that’s how they met.

Zhiyi had a tough upbringing, he came from a poor family, and his parents died when he was young, but despite all that, he is bright, and a fast learner. This made Tian think of Zhiyi as a younger version of himself. He didn’t tell you this information beforehand as he didn’t want it to affect your judgment on the candidates.

Once you’re done speaking to Tian, you’ll head to the first floor and talk to Yelan. Paimon will tell her the candidate to get the role of Tian is surely Zhiyi, but Yelan tells you that you’re not quite done yet. Although the interviews are done, she wants to do some digging as you can’t trust what people say about themselves at face value. She’ll call out her assistants, Wenyuan, and Shanghua.

Wenyuan and Shanghua are two of Yelan's assistants.

As they appear from nowhere they give Paimon a startle, and she’ll ask who they are. Yelan will explain, and tell you that the third assistant, Wupei, isn’t back yet. Once she has explained to you who they are, she’ll get Shanghua to investigate Qianwei’s background, and Wenyuan to investigate Mingbo’s work files leaving Zhiyi to you, and Yelan. This gets Paimon thinking, and she suggests that Bolai, the owner of Wanyou Boutique could be a good source of information which Yelan will agree with. It looks like Wanyou Boutique is the next place to visit, but that will have to wait for the next quest. With the scene ending, the quest will also come to a close.

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