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Genshin Impact

Aranyaka Part 3: Nursery of Lost Dreams

Jessica Dillon

During the third part of the Aranyaka questline, you will unlock the final area of the Sumeru Rainforest. In addition, completing the quests below will finish up the Aranyaka quest line. Below is how to complete Nursery of Lost Dreams and Aranyaka part four so that you can finally gain access to all that Sumeru has to offer.

Defeating Marana’s Avatar.

For Fruits, Seeds, and Trees Quest Guide (Dendro Needed)

After speaking with Arama, you are going to head to the** Fane of Ashvatta**. This location is south of Vanrana and to get to the tree inside. You will need to drain the water from the ruins. Doing this is simple, but even if the water has been drained, the quest marker won’t show you where to go.

Head up into the ruins above the underwater waypoint. Here, you will find a cube switch. Hit it, and the water will partially drain.

First drainage blocks location.

Once this is done, turn south and go into the cave entrance directly down from the switch. Inside you will eventually find a room with several Dendro Pillars. Use the Dendrogana to destroy the rocks in the room and activate all the pillars. The final pillar will be behind a Dendro wall.

To get to it, look to the side of the wall. There is a hole that you can climb up to get behind the wall. Once inside, light the Dendro Pillar to remove it, and then go hit the second switch in the middle of the room.

You can now head to the location marked on your map, be sure to grab the waypoint along the way. You will find a withered tree and enter its dream where a Withering Zone will be waiting for you. Dispel it, and you will learn that you must go to Old Vanarana to destroy Marana.

For the Children of the Past (Pyro Needed)

Arma’s Dendro shield in Old Vanarana.

You will now want to head to Old Vanarana. This is an area that is blacked out on your map and was previously inaccessible. Once you get there, you must stay within the Dendro shield that Arama places around himself. You will need to walk through Old Vanrana, ensuring that you don’t wander out of this shield while fighting the enemies along the way. You will follow Arama for quite some time until you go into a sand-filled cave.

Once inside, you will see another Withering Zone. After Arama uses his powers, you will need to traverse it and set four Dendro Sigils on fire. They are split between the main room and a small cave off to the side, making them easy to find.

Once you have activated all of them and destroyed the Wither Zone, the sand in the room will drain, allowing you to go down into a cavern. When you get to the bottom of the hole, you will need to face a Ruin Grader. Defeating it will open a new area with several glowing spots you must investigate. When this is done, Aramuhukunda will appear and open a bath into the heart of Old Vanarana.

For All Children Who Long for Life


You will now need to follow Arama through the large cavern. Once you get to the middle of the cave, you will find Marana’s Avatar. This boss fight will have you follow Arama across the cavern to a Wither Zone, destroy it, and then use four-leaf sigils to quickly return to the arena and attack the downed Marana.

Marana will continue to attack you along with the enemies in the three Wither Zones. Look out for a notice telling you to run to Arama, as this is when Marana unleashes a powerful attack. Going to Arama will shield you from this attack. In addition, standing near Arama reduces corruption and heals the Traveler.

This process will need to be done three times, and you will be using a level version of the Traveler for the fight. Once you defeat Marana the first time, a short cutscene will play before you must fight it and Riftwolves.

Once the fight is finished, you will need to use your Vintage Lyre one more time. This will heal Old Vanarana and make the area explorable. Once this is complete, simply go to Arama and proceed on to the last part of the Aranyaka questline.

Aranyaka Part 4: “Hello,” “Thank You,” and the Final “Goodbye”

This is the final part of the Aranyaka quest and simply needs you to return to Rana. You will now awaken Rana and remove the corruption from her body. After speaking with her for a bit, the Aranyaka questline will finally be completed.

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