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Genshin Impact

Act I: Mysterious Urban Legend

Matt Chard

This is a walkthrough for Yae Miko’s Story Quest “Mysterious Urban Legend” which is the first quest in the Divina Vulpes Chapter: Act 1, The Great Narukami Offering. Here, you’ll find a complete walkthrough for the entire quest.

Paimon, Yae Miko, and the Traveler in Konda Village.

Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards Requirements Next Quests
Genshin Impact Screenshot425 Genshin Impact Screenshot31,125 heros_wit_Items_Genshin_Impact.png4 Genshin Impact Screenshot7 Adventure Rank 40, Complete: Omnipresence Over Mortals - Chapter 2: Act 3, Transient Dreams. One Story Key. Friendship in Writing


You planned to visit the Yae Publishing House, but after arriving in Hanamizaka, you find that it is more lively than usual here…


  1. Take a stroll around Hanamizaka
  2. Investigate a kaidan that has been making the rounds recently
  3. Go to the Grand Narukami Shrine and look for Yae Miko
  4. Search for Youhei’s brother
  5. Ask the villagers about Youhei and his brother
  6. Ask the villagers for more information
  7. Exorcise Katou Shingo
  8. Defeat the spirit that has possessed Shingo
  9. Investigate the truth behind the spirit

Take a stroll around Hanamizaka

As you start the quest, Paimon suggests you check out Yae Publishing House to see if there are any new books out as the one that you read to Ei was pretty good. In the middle of your conversation, you’ll hear a couple of people arguing which leaves Paimon pondering the question of why are they arguing? Takatoshi will overhear her and ask you if you really don’t know what’s going on? At that moment, Takatoshi will recite “You need but stand on this land at midnight, lower your head and recite a special incantation, then your wish will come true!”.

Takatoshi will be the first person to tell you about the wishing ritual.

It’s clear you have no idea on what they are talking about, and they’ll further explain to you that it’s a wish ritual that grants anyone their wish by standing in this spot and reciting what Takatoshi said but just a moment ago. Paimon tells them that even though she knows that the world doesn’t work like that, Takatoshi will agree with her. He tells you that he didn’t believe it at first but he witnessed it first hand with someone else.

That person was Kunihiko, an unemployed man who owed a lot of money. Takatoshi will tell you that he disappeared for like 5 days then he reappeared dressed in expensive clothes inside a high-class restaurant. Kunihiko told him that he used the wishing ritual, and awoke to a bed full of Mora. This intrigues Paimon naturally as we all know what she’s like with Mora and treasure, and she suggests asking around the area.

Investigate a kaidan that has been making the rounds recently

Head up the stairs to your east, and follow the path all the way until you find Junkichi and Shigeru from the Yae Publishing house. It appears that they’re trying to recite the incantation too. Walk over to them for a scene, and Paimon will ask them what they are up to. Shigeru will tell you that Junkichi is trying the wishing ritual as he has a creative block which is affecting his new book. He tells you that although he doesn’t believe it, Junkichi does, and it couldn’t hurt helping him with it.

Junkichi, and Shingeru are trying to use the wishing ritual to help with Junkichi’s creative block.

Apparently the wishing ritual comes from a light novel according to Shigeru which came out of nowhere and took Inazuma by storm. Junkichi implies that although the writing could be better, people are saying that the wishing rituals contained within the book, work. This causes Shigeru to warn you that the people who have completed the ritual have been acting strangely after completing it. They’ll give you the book A Firsthand Guide to Summoning SpiritsPaimon suggests you head to the Grand Narukami Shrine and ask Yae Miko what she knows about it, as she is an expert in both novels and the supernatural.

Go to the Grand Narukami Shrine and look for Yae Miko

Teleport to the Grand Narukami Shrine, and head over to Yae Miko who’ll be standing next to the Sacred Sakura Tree for a scene. You’ll greet Yae Miko who’ll return the sentiment in kind, and you’ll begin to have a conversation. Paimon will notice that she’s pretty busy, but she’ll tell you it’s nothing major. What do you mean, “nothing major”? Exclaims Katou Youhei, who was asking Yae Miko to help him save his brother.

(1 of 2) Yae Miko is somewhat busy, although she’ll tell you it’s nothing major.

Yae Miko is somewhat busy, although she’ll tell you it’s nothing major. (left), Poor Katou is worried about his brother, and asks Yae Miko for her help. (right)

She’ll get him to retell the story just for you, and it appears that his brother, Katou Shingo, was turned away by Sensei Domon of the Meikyou Shisui Art dojo. This caused him to ask for a duel with one of the Sensei’s disciples. Several days later, after some hard training, they had the duel, and his brother won. Since the victory, he hasn’t been acting like himself. Although it takes some convincing, Yae Miko will agree to help him…by getting you to help him, typical Yae.

Search for Youhei’s brother

Teleport to Konda Village which is situated on the western side of Narukami Island, and head southwest towards the large tree for a short scene. Katou Youhei will tell you that it’s strange that he isn’t here as he’s been meditating at this location the past few days. Yae Miko suggests to Katou Youhei to start looking for his brother to which he obliges. This will cause Paimon to suggest that you do the same, and Yae Miko says there’s no need as “what’s-his-face” is handling it, so she suggests you talk to the people in Konda Village.

Ask the villagers about Youhei and his brother

The first person you’ll want to talk to is Nobuo who can be found standing next to the house to your northeast. It doesn’t seem that Nobuo has a particularly high opinion of the brothers, and Paimon will ask him if it’s true that Shingo wanted to be a swordmaster. Apparently, Shingo begged the Domon relentlessly, that the Domon reluctantly agreed, and let him train. Soon after, the Domon had to kick him out of the dojo due to his complete lack of focus and his lack of training. This caused Shingo to blame the Domon for not seeing his potential, and even made Shingo declare a duel on one of the disciples. Nobuo will tell you that apparently Shingo did win the duel, although he doesn’t believe it himself, and that you should ask Kenji at the village gate if you want more information on the matter.

(1 of 2) Nobuo will tell you that the brothers are quite lazy, but apparently Shingo did defeat a Doman disciple in a duel.

Nobuo will tell you that the brothers are quite lazy, but apparently Shingo did defeat a Doman disciple in a duel. (left), Kenji, who can be found near the village entrance, can explain the duel in more detail because he watched it. (right)

Ask the villagers for more information

After the scene, follow the dusty path northwest to the village entrance, and speak to Kenji. You’ll ask him if it’s true that Shingo defeated a Domon disciple in a duel, and Kenji will confirm it telling you that he watched the duel himself. Apparently when Shingo unsheathed his sword, he was like a different person, and that he handled the blade like it was flowing water. Paimon will ask Kenji if he has been acting differently since the victory, and Kenji will tell you that he definitely has more energy as he used to be quite lazy.

Another thing he noticed was that he started to cut down trees for the Village head, and what would normally take most people three days, Shingo accomplished it in an afternoon. Finally, the last unusual thing that he noticed was that Shingo lost his temper when the Village Head brought some tofu out for him. After hearing what Kenji had to say, Katou will return after looking for his brother, and he’ll tell you that he found him by the nearby waterfall.

Shingo can be found at the foot of the waterfall muttering to himself.

“Exorcise” Katou Shingo

Make your way to the waterfall by heading northeast, and as you reach it, you’ll get a scene. Shingo will be sitting in the waterfall, muttering a load of nonsense to himself, and then he’ll notice you, and will slowly start walking closer. Yae Miko convinces Katou to start telling the truth as this is a matter of life and death, and he’ll come clean. He’ll tell you that they used an incantation from the novel “A Firsthand Guide to Summoning Spirits”. After they completed the ritual, he had amazing sword skills, but it also changed his personality. Katou will further explain that he didn’t want to get help straight away because it would affect their chances of opening their own martial arts school. Yae Miko will turn around to you, and tell you to toss the salt at the encroaching Shingo. This’ll knock Shingo to the floor, and pull the spirit out. Yae Miko tells Katou that it’s coming for him, and he faints before Yae Miko tells you to get your sword ready.

Defeat the spirit that has possessed Shingo

The spirit is actually an Oni that goes by the name of Arakawa Kouji.

The spirit goes by the name of Arakawa Kouji, and you’ll have to defeat him to progress the quest. As you’re fighting it in a waterfall, Cryo is fantastic here as you can almost keep him frozen. Arakawa will attack you with its electro imbued katana. This battle isn’t particularly tough as Arakawa is pretty slow although if it connects with an attack it can deal a fair bit of damage, and the fact that you can exploit the terrain and freeze him. Most, if not all of its attacks are some form of slash or lunge which can be avoided with a simple dodge.


  • Iai Slash - Arakawa will sheathe his blade before unleashing it in a circular motion. Keeping your distance is the best way to avoid the attack, but if you are close to it, time your dodge just as the attack is about to hit.
  • Jumping Slash - Arakawa will jump into the air and slam down his sword unleashing electro out of the sword in a line. A simple dodge either side will avoid this attack.
  • Charged Slam - Arakawa will charge up his sword before unleashing a downward electro slash. This attack tracks, so wait until the last second to dodge through him.
  • Lunging Thrust - Arakawa will pull back his blade before lunging into you with a thrust. You can dodge to the side just as the thrust is about to reach you.
  • Freezing Arakawa - Due to fighting by a waterfall the ground will be wet, combine this with a cryo character to freeze him.

Investigate the truth behind the spirit

When you defeat it, Arakawa strangely feels content, and it appears it enjoyed the battle saying that it hasn’t felt this great in a long time, then it’ll disappear. Shingo will come to, and the first thing he’ll say is that he dreamt he wasn’t useless with a sword, and that he even defeated a Domon disciple. His brother Katou tells him that you shouldn’t have made the wish as they summoned a spirit that took control of him. Yae Miko will tell the pair that Shingo should get some rest after being possessed for the last 5 days, then she’ll scare them straight.

After the brothers leave, Paimon will ask Yae Miko if they were in any real trouble, and she’ll tell you no, that the spirit would’ve grown too strong for him, and left his body in a matter of time. She told them differently to make sure they don’t try anything so stupid again. You and Paimon will deduce that the spirit was indeed an Oni that didn’t appear to have any ill intentions. If anything, it looked like it was trying to train Shingo.

With the problem sorted, Yae Miko calls it a wrap. Paimon will tell her about the summoning book, but she doesn’t seem to care until… She finds out that it is affecting her sales at the Yae Publishing House. Apparently the book is flying off the shelves at the expense of her company. This will cause her to take action. She’ll tell you that she’s off to make some preparations, and that you should meet her in front of the Yae Publishing House. When the scene ends, so will the quest.

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