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Act I: Through the Motions, to the Heart

Matt Chard

This page is designed to guide you through Eula’s story quest “Through the Motions, to the Heart” which is the last quest in Act I of her quest line “The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea”.

The Traveler, Paimon, and Shubert meeting with the Fatui Agent, Sergei.

Unlock Criteria

Location Requirements
Springvale Adventure Rank 40, Complete “Speech and Etiquette
Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards
Genshin Impact Screenshot725 Genshin Impact Screenshot44,000 PrimogemItemsGenshinImpact.png60 GuidetoResistanceMaterialsGenshinImpact.png5 heroswitItemsGenshinImpact.png5 Genshin Impact Screenshot10


You get through the aristocratic conduct training, albeit with some hiccups along the way. During the training, you believe you may have discovered what shapes Eula’s personality. You say goodbye to Eula and decide to act — first, you will procure a greeting gift, then you will meet with Schubert once more.


  1. Head towards Springvale and look for Schubert
  2. Go with Schubert to meet his friends
  3. Follow Schubert
  4. Talk to the Fatui’s guarding the entrance
  5. Keep following Schubert
  6. Defeat the Fatui
  7. Chase Schubert
  8. Go deeper within and retrieve the diagram of the city’s defenses

Head towards Springvale and look for Schubert

This quest starts off with you needing to speak to Scubert, who can be found in Springvale. Teleport there, and head northeast to find Schubert relaxing outside his tent. He notices you, and tells you to get lost, this is where your etiquette training needs to pay off. Although it doesn’t matter what you say here, it flows better if you choose the following dialogue options:

  • Please, if I may be so bold as to say a few humble words…
  • It is an honor to stand before you here, immersed in your supreme brilliance.
  • I refined my conduct with some instruction in the classics, courtesy of a dear friend.

Shubert is impressed at how quickly you learned proper etiquette.

After you’ve buttered him up, Paimon will seal the deal by offering him the Gebratenes Fleisch mit Sauerkraut, that Sara prepared earlier. He appears to be extremely impressed with the gesture, and calls the meal a delicacy. You’ll offer him your help, and after a little convincing, he agrees.

Go with Schubert to meet his “friends”

Teleport back to the Springvale Waypoint, and head east towards the cliff, to find a domain hidden amongst the rock, interact with it to enter the Domain “Behind Enemy Lines”,

(1 of 2) The Domain is hidden in a rock, behind a bush, to the north

The Domain is hidden in a rock, behind a bush, to the north (left), Bring along a Hydro and Cryo user to make the Domain easier. (right)

Domain - Behind Enemy Lines

Domain Mora Other Rewards Recommended Elements
Behind Enemy Lines Genshin Impact Screenshot10,000 ShivadaJadeFragmentItemsGenshinImpact.png AdventurersExperienceItemsGenshinImpact.png2 Genshin Impact Screenshot10 ElementCryo.png HydroElementsGenshinImpact.jpg

There isn’t much in here that should give you a problem other than a weak boss at the end. Bring along the recommended elements just in case, and you’ll have Eula as a trial character.

Follow Schubert

As soon as you enter the Domain, you’ll have a short scene, and you’ll be wearing a mask to disguise yourself from the Fatui, make up a lie as to why you are to Schubert, and follow him down the path.

Talk to the Fatui’s guarding the entrance

After following Schubert, you’ll have to talk to the guards at the entrance, it doesn’t matter what you say, because Schubert will have your back.

Keep following Schubert

After a few idle threats, the guards agree to let you in, keep following Schubert past the Door of Resurrection, and up the stairs, to the next Fatui agent, Sergei. You’ll get a short scene, Sergei recognizes you but can’t place his finger on where from, and ignores the feeling. He’s not happy at Schubert for bringing an outsider, but once again, Schubert has your back. Apparently, Schubert agreed to bring the Fatui a diagram of Mondstadt’s defenses in exchange for giving the Lawrence Clan a powerful position in Mondstadt as well as the Knights of Favonius’ building. After hearing the evidence, you unmask yourself, and you tell them your plan to end their evil schemes, Sergei runs off one direction, and Schubert the other.

Defeat the Fatui

As soon as the scene ends, you’ll have a battle with some Fatui Skirmishers, one Anemoboxer Vanguard, and one Electrohammer Vanguard to be exact. Take out the Anemboxer first, then finish the Electrohammer. Using a combination of Hydro and Cryo, you can keep them frozen for the majority of the fight.

Chase Schubert

Head back through the door you came through to the south, and Schubert will have been caught by Eula and a Knight of Favonius. After Schubert’s pleas to Eula fall on deaf ears, she wants to come and help you recover the diagram.

Schubert's outraged at Eula's traitorous behavior.

Go deeper within and retrieve the diagram of the city’s defenses

When the scene ends, there’s a Common Chest hidden behind a makeshift tent to your east. Continue north, up the stairs, and attack the flamethrower turrets with a Cryo attack to stop them for a short while, a ranged Cryo user is safer, but Eula will work, just be careful not to get by the flames. Also, you can just wait for them to rotate underneath, then make a dash past. Either way, make your way across the fiery bridge, and use a Cryo attack on the final flamethrower turret in the next room, to your left.

(1 of 3) The first Comon Chest can be found behind the railing, by the makeshift tent.

Go up the stairs, and you’ll face two Geochanter Bracers, use Eula to make quick work of them with Claymore attacks, then open the Common Chest hidden in the eastern railing, then proceed through the door. Go up the flight of stairs, and go through the next door. As soon as you enter the next room, you’ll have another battle, this time with one Geochanter Bracer, one Pyroslinger Bracer, and one Anemoboxer Vanguard, as always take out the Anemoboxer first, then the Geochanter, and finally the Pyroslinger. If you’re having trouble with them, make sure of the flamethrower turrets, and the Hydro orbs in the middle, but Eula shouldn’t have much trouble with them, especially if you combine her with the Hydro orbs or another Hydro user.

After you take down the first group, another group appears, this time consisting of one Electrohammer Vanguard, one Geochanter Bracer, and one Hydrogunner Legionnaire. Take out the Hydrogunner first with Eula, this will keep it more or less permanently frozen, not allowing it to heal itself or its allies, take out the Geochanter next, then finally, take out the Electrohammer. Once they’re defeated, head up the northern stairs, attack the Cryo torch with a Cryo user to activate the elevator, and ride it up.

(1 of 2) In the first group, take out the Anemoboxer first,

In the first group, take out the Anemoboxer first, (left), as for the second group, take out the Hydrogunner first, Cryo works especially well against it. (right)

As you exit the elevator, you’ll spot the diagram, sitting on a pedestal, then you’ll be attacked by the ‘Boss’ of this Domain, Sergei.

Boss - Sergei “Friend of the Old Aristocracy”

Sergei is nothing but a glorified Fatui Pyro Agent, if you can defeat them, you can defeat him. Here’s a few of his more dangerous attacks:

  • Invisibility: He can go completely invisible for several seconds, making it, so he can’t be attacked by ranged attacks or any other skills which require a target. Using Elemental Skills which provide an elemental status to him will put a blue outline around his silhouette.

  • Spinning Knife Guard: This skill will make three blades rotate around him, dealing Pyro damage to anyone it touches, standing away from him when he does this to avoid being hit.

  • Charge attack: Whilst invisible, he will dash towards and slash at you for major damage, stay on the move and dodge to avoid this or take him out of his invisibility.

  • Knife Throw: Kliment will throw a knife at you from range for a moderate amount of damage, dodge when it’s about to hit you.

  • Pyro Clone: He will conjure up one clone at a time, when six of them are on the field, they’ll charge at you in sequence with him attacking you for one final strike for major amounts of damage. The clones don’t have a lot of health and can be defeated quickly, so make sure he doesn’t get the six of them out.

(1 of 2) Sergei will spin three spinning blades around himself which will do Pyro damage if it makes contract with you

Sergei will spin three spinning blades around himself which will do Pyro damage if it makes contract with you (left), He can also go Invisible and make Clones of himself. (right)

Having someone to buff your defenses like Zhongli can help, but for the most part switch between Eula, and your other members to create Elemental combinations, and heal up if you get low. Around the halfway point in the battle, you’ll get Fatui adds to deal with, ignore them, and keep piling the pressure on to Sergei and before long, you’ll defeat him, then you can finish off the adds after.

Make sure to pick up the hidden Exquisite Chest after the Boss, it can be found in the western side room.

Once the battle is over, you’ll get a scene, and you’ll get the diagram back. Eula will mention that they may have copied it before leaving it there, but you’ll never know. She tells you that she’ll inform Jean about her uncle’s transgressions, and the scene will end, as well as the quest line. Before you leave, make sure to open the hidden Exquisite Chest in the western side room, and the Precious Chest in the center of the room, and exit the Domain.


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