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Genshin Impact

What is the Golden Apple Archipelago

Matt Chard

The Golden Apple Archipelago is a limited time region which is a series of islands, this was added with version 1.6. These become available after Klee receives an invitation from the mysterious Dodo-King in the quest Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown. According to Venti, the archipelago used to be called the Haar Islands approximately 2,600 years ago. Because it is in international waters, it belongs to no region according to Lisa.

The Traveler and friends enjoying the view in the Golden Apple Archipelago.

How to Unlock the Golden Apple Archipelago

Location Prerequisites
Knights of Favonius Headquarters, Mondstadt Complete: Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown


Upon entering the archipelago for the first time, there are four main isles, these are:

  • Pudding Isle - This is located on the east of the archipelago
  • Twinning Isle - This is located on the northeast of the archipelago
  • Broken Isle - This is located on the west of the archipelago
  • Minacious Isle - This is located on the southwest of the archipelago

These areas become bigger as islands rise from the ocean, this happens after completing Summer Vacation: Proceed With Caution, which is part of the Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown quest line.



For the first time in Genshin Impact, you’ll have access to a boat which allows you to traverse the archipelago, it comes equipped with two types of weapons, the Swiftstrike which is a regular cannon shot, and Heavy Cannons which are on a cooldown, but deal a lot more damage. These attacks can be used to damage enemies, or Hilichurl fortifications on the islands.

You’ll also have a speed boost that consumes your stamina, this is tied to your player stamina. Finally, if you hold the jump button in, it’ll shoot you into the air with your glider out, which makes it easier to get on to higher ground from the ship.

(1 of 2) The Waverider can fire at enemies or their fortification with its cannons

The Waverider can fire at enemies or their fortification with its cannons (left), you can summon it at the Waverider Waypoints situated around the islands. (right)

Waverider Waypoints

Around the islands are waypoints which you can activate, these will spawn your boat to its location. Like normal waypoints, they’ll be red until you activate it, after activated, they’ll be blue.

Glimmering Beacons

When you first arrive in the archipelago, the entire place will be covered in a thick, heavy fog. You’ll need to follow the beacons to makes sure you don’t get lost, they also act like a checkpoint, so if you get lost, you’ll spawn back at the last one you activated. The Glimmering Beacons are smallish objects which have light that glow on the top of them, as they sit in the ocean. When you get near to one, a marker will appear on your mini-map, telling you there is one nearby.

Echoing Conch

Added with the Echoing Tales event, you’ll find Conches around the archipelago, when interacted with, you’ll hear people talking from ages past. There are 32 in total to collect, with 24 rewarding you with the Summertime Sparkle, an outfit for Barbara. At first, only five will be available in the first act, when the second act has been completed, islands will rise, and 23 more Conches will be accessible, the last four will be available after unlocking act 3.

(1 of 3) The Glimmering beacons will navigate a path to the waypoints you need to unlock, just make sure you’re near one, otherwise you’ll be lost in the heavy fog

Wind-Blessed Harpastum

The Wind-Blessed Harpastum can be obtained by completing the second part of the Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown quest line:
Summer Vacation: Proceed With Caution, this ball is a gadget you can equip, and throw with the Elemental Skill button. Upon entering the Painted Ground, you can use it in the challenges presented there, as well as throw it at painted walls to break them, uncovering treasures. Also, the Wind-Blessed Harpastum can be used to activate Hymnal Rings.


There are three buoys hidden in the archipelago, when they are destroyed, the map will transistion into part II.

Mist Bubbles

In the ocean, you might encounter some bubbles floating above the water, if you get near to it, another one will appear close by, keep following them, and they’ll lead you to floating crates which reward a nice chunk of Mora.

World Quests

In the archipelagos, you can find up to six world quests, these are:

  • A Trip Through Fog and Wind
  • The Other Side of Isle and Sea
  • From Outer Lands
  • Who Wields the Wild Wind?
  • They Who Hear the Sea
  • The Winding Homeward Way

Local Specialties

Because the archipelagos are not tied to any region specifically, it’s the only area that you can find all local specialties like Dandelions and Starconches all in the same place.


As the archipelago is a limited timed area, naturally there’ll be events associated with it. You’ll find below all the events that take place there.

Event Part Event stage Start Time End Time
Midsummer Island Adventure I Main Cannon, Make Ready… Fire! June 9th, 2021 June 28th
Midsummer Island Adventure II Whirlpool off to Starboard… Full Speed Ahead! June 11th, 2021 June 28th
Midsummer Island Adventure III Samurai Sighted… To Arms! June 14th, 2021 June 28th
Midsummer Island Adventure IV Harpastum Bombs Loaded… Blow ’Em Away! June 17th, 2021 June 28th
Echoing Tales June 9th, 2021 July 21st
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