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Genshin Impact

To Thee My Tender Grief Confide

Matt Chard

This page will walk you through all the steps of the Lunar Realm Event Quest “To Thee My Tender Grief Confide” in Genshin Impact.

Nantuck has some bad news regarding the Lunar Leviathan.


  1. Talk to the Mondstadt fisherman Nantuck
  2. Go to Dragonspine to search for the Lunar Leviathan fossil
  3. Investigate the ore pile
  4. Tail the Treasure Hoarders
  5. Defeat the Treasure Hoarders and claim the fossil
  6. Talk to Kujirai Momiji


Mora Other Rewards
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Talk to the Mondstadt fisherman Nantuck

(1 of 2) Nantuck can be found on the coast, east of Mondstadt.

Nantuck can be found on the coast, east of Mondstadt. (left), Nantuck is the head of the Mondstadt Fishing Association. (right)

This quest starts off with you needing to speak to Nantuck, who can be found in Mondstadt, thanks to the information from Jiawei. Teleport to the central waypoint in Mondstadt, and leave the city through the northeastern exit. As you exit the city, Nantuck can be found at the coast to the east, head over, and talk to him. You’ll tell Nantuck your reasons for being here, and he tells you that Kujirai would be devastated if she knew the truth, which he just happens to have written a book about. Thankfully, he has one here, and he tells you to read it if you want to find out the truth. Apparently, the Lunar Leviathan is a giant sea turtle, and proof of it can be found in the fossils found in Wyrmrest Valley, Dragonspine.

Go to Dragonspine to search for the Lunar Leviathan fossil

Head over to Dragonspine via the Wyrmrest Valley waypoint, and follow the path north. As you reach the objective, you’ll find a camp with some ore piles around it.

(1 of 2) The first two Ore piles will be on your left, behind the torch.

The first two Ore piles will be on your left, behind the torch. (left), the third will be on your right, once again, behind another torch. (right)

Investigate the ore pile

There are three Ore piles here, two next to the torch to your left, and one behind the torch to the right. After interacting with them all, Paimon will tell you that these are just Ore scraps, but it does look like something has been removed, just as soon as she finishes that sentence, she catches a glimpse of a Treasure Hoarder, and assumes it could’ve been them that removed the object from the ores, and suggests following him.

Tail the Treasure Hoarders

Wait by the torch until the Treasure Hoarder gets near the next torch.

This part of the quest requires you to be stealthy, as you’ll see an eye icon above the Treasure Hoarders head. If you get too close to him, the icon will fill up, and when it fills up completely, you’ll fail the quest, and if you stay too far away, you’ll lose him, and have to start again from this point. The easiest way to do this, is by waiting by the torch until he approaches the second torch. As he starts moving past it, walk towards the second torch, and wait for him again. This isn’t a long stealth section, and it’ll be over after ten or so seconds. You’ll overhear the Treasure Hoarder, Old-School Qi brag about the gem he found, and after you’ve followed him, his partners in crime, Fleein’ Lin, and Klutzy Bazi, tell him it’s just some old rock. As they’re talking, you’ll be spotted, and will have to fight them.

Defeat the Treasure Hoarders and claim the fossil

You’ll face off against one Treasure Hoarder Hydro Potioneer, one Treasure Hoarder Handyman, and one Treasure Hoarder Scout. It should be an easy battle that you’ve fought hundreds of times before, but take out the Hydro Potioneer first just because he can be frustrating, other than that, take them out, and you’ll obtain the Fossil Bag. According to Paimon, the fossils do look a bit like turtle shells, and she suggests bringing them to Kujirai Momiji.

The battle shouldn’t cause you any problems, it’s just a regular Treasure Hoarder fight.

Talk to Kujirai Momiji

Head back over to Kujirai Momiji, who can be found at the Inazuma Fishing Association, northwest of Inazuma City, and talk to her for a scene. She’ll ask where is Jiawei, and you’ll tell her that he stayed in the village. Then she’ll ask about Nantucks whereabouts, and you’ll tell her about his best-selling book “How The Lunar Leviathan Is Actually A Giant Sea Turtle”, she reads the name out without realizing, and tells you she’ll pick up a copy, then she clicks on what the title is saying. She’s dumbfounded about his claim, and you explain how you didn’t believe him too, which why you investigated it in Dragonspine. She won’t believe the claims, telling you how her dad set off looking for it, and never returned, so it’s not easy to accept, and she’s sure she can find it. Furthermore, she’ll tell you that she has some more training for you, and wait for some good news. This will end the quest, and unlock the next set of challenges.

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