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Ben Chard
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Childe introduced you to Zhongli, a consultant at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. You agree to help Zhongli organize the Rite of Parting in the hope of seeing the Geo Archon again.


  1. Go and buy Noctilucous Jade
  2. Look for the Meaty tribe’s giant cooking pot
  3. Use Pyro to heat the pot
  4. Defeat the Hilichurls
  5. Use Pyro to heat the pot
  6. Return to Liyue Harbor and find Shitou
  7. Put the Noctilucous Jade in place

Go and buy Noctilucous Jade

In order to get your preparations for the Rite underway, Zhongli tasks you with purchasing some Noctilucous Jade, head to the southern part of Liyue Harbor, near the Alchemy station and you’ll find Shitou, speak to him and after the following transaction, you’ll acquire some samples.

Look for the Meaty tribe’s giant cooking pot

As Paimon so helpfully pointed out, a trip to Mondstadt is in order where you’ll find Dadaupa Gorge over to the east. The nearest Waypoint is the one at Galesong Hill to the south so head there and make your way north to reach the Hilichurl Camp. As you make your way up the path, deal with the simple Hilichurls that are still making use of the large pot and then head over to it.

Use Pyro to heat the pot

As Paimon mentions, you’ll now need to make use of Pyro to heat up the pot. If you don’t already have a Pyro character in your party, put one in there such as Diluc, Klee or Xiangling and if all else fails, you’ll always have Amber to fall back on. Use any of their Elemental Skills to gradually heat the pot or use an Elemental Burst to heat it to the required temperature at once, prompting another battle.

(1 of 2) You’ll find the pot here, in Dadaupa Gorge

You’ll find the pot here, in Dadaupa Gorge (left), use any Pyro characters you have to heat up the pot before dealing with the enemies. (right)

Defeat the Hilichurls

Another skirmish with Hilichurls begins, these are mainly Samachurls and the Geo ones in particular will raise pillars in which to strike you from. A ranged character can help here otherwise use the Traveler’s skills to knock them down and open them up for a barrage of attacks.

Use Pyro to heat the pot

As before, return to the pot with your Pyro character and begin using Elemental skills to heat up some more. Once your heat gauge is near full, a final group of Hilichurls will attack, this time including a troublesome Mitachurl joins the fray, focus on taking care of him first before turning your attention to the Dendro Samachurl.

With the enemies taken care of once more, return to the pot one final time and finish heating it with a Pyro character to trigger a scene.

Return to Liyue Harbor and find Shitou

All that’s left to do now is to make a return to Liyue Harbor and the Jade Mystery to speak with Shitou once more and inform him of your decision to purchase the third Noctilucous Jade.

Put the Noctilucous Jade in place

Now that you have what you came for, make your return to where you saw Rex Lapis when you first entered Liyue Harbor, up the far end and to the highest point. Once there, head over to the glowing marker to place the Jade and bring this Quest to an end.


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