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The Festering Fang

Matt Chard
Quest Giver Location Prerequisites
Strange Tooth Dragonspine, Mondstadt


Adventure EXP Mora Primogem Other Rewards
Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Screenshot450 Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Screenshot50 Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Screenshot Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Screenshot


  1. Ask the adventurers at the camp for news
  2. Talk to Orban
  3. Talk to Orban
  4. Obtain a Vitalized Dragontooth
  5. Defeat all the Fatui
  6. Vitalize the Strange Tooth with energy from the heart
  7. Defeat all the Fatui
  8. Talk to Orban


You picked up a strange dragon tooth while adventuring in Dragonspine. Perhaps you should ask around and see if someone knows anything more about it…

You pass the Strange Tooth to Orban, and he says that this can be used to forge a weapon. But he also notes that you will need to collect 3 such teeth, 50 Starsilver Ore, and one Northlander Polearm Prototype to do so.

Though you have gathered all the necessary materials, Orban says that he cannot use ordinary means to work with these dragonteeth… You must first fill one Dragontooth with vitality in order to utilize the rest. Perhaps that strange… “Heart” you found on Dragonspine will be of help in this matter…

How to Unlock

Start the quest by picking up one of the Strange Tooth.

The quest will start when you pick up a Strange Tooth, there is four in Dragonspine, and they respawn every 48 hours, these can be found on the map above.

Ask the adventurers at the camp for news

Talk to Iris at the Dragonspine Adventurer Camp and click the option “Any idea about this tooth”, she’ll tell you that she’s no expert and suggests speaking to Orban.

Talk to Orban

After speaking with Orban, he’ll ask you to gather some materials:

Starsilver is found all around Dragonspine, keep an eye out for the sparkly deposit during your travels through there.

  • 50 Starsilver Ore - These are all around Dragonspine and can be tough to find, using Elemental Sight can help with finding them. Like all ore in Genshin, they respawn every 48 hours (real time).

  • 3 Strange Tooth - These can be found by going to the locations marked on the map above.

  • Northlander Polearm Prototype - This can be obtained from several sources, dropped by Weekly Bosses, purchased from Liyue Souvenir Shop, reward from the Frostbearing Tree at level 8 and as a reward for completing Spiral Abyss Floor 3, Chamber 3.

Talk to Orban

Once you have collected all the materials, head back and talk to Orban and he’ll need you to enhance the Dragontooth by absorbing some “dragon-related” vitality.

Obtain a Vitalized Dragontooth

Head to the cave with a strange red core inside, appoach it and you’re have to fight a battle with the Fatui.

(1 of 2) Look for a cave in the center of this marker

Look for a cave in the center of this marker (left), When you first enter the cave, you'll have to defeat a few Fatui. (right)

Defeat all the Fatui

You’ll have to defeat three Fatui Skirmishers, these can be quite tough depending on your World Level, you’ll face one Electrohammer Vanguard and one Geochanter Bracer and one Pyroslinger Bracer.

The Geochanter can shield their allies so make this is a priority to take out first. The Pyroslinger is capable of generating a Pyro shield which gives it a lot of damage reduction, Hydro will take that shield down quickly.

The Vanguard can hit for major damage and their attacks should be avoided at all times, this can be done by dodging towards or to the side of them as its hammer is about to connect with you, deplete its shield with Cryo and then go to town on it with Pyro, you can also use the abundance of Scarlet Quartz in here to power your attacks. Once these are dealt with, interact with the strange core.

Vitalize the Strange Tooth with energy from the heart

This will give you a brief scene and then you’ll be attacked by some more Fatui.

Defeat all the Fatui

You’ll need to defeat eight in total, starting with a Cryogunner Legionnaire and another Electrohammer Vanguard, the Cryogunner has a couple of moves to be aware about, first, it will keep spraying out a Cryo mist as it walks towards you, try to stay behind it when it does this, it also can charge at you but nothing a dodge to the side can’t take off, it also has a leap attack much like the large slimes.

Take out the Cryogunner first with Pyro to strip its shield and then use a combination of Pyro and Electro to deplete its health, then switch to Cryo to take down the Vanguards shield and use a combination of Hydro, Cryo and Pyro to take it down.

(1 of 3) Cryogunners will slowly walk towards you whilst continuously spraying Cryo mist at you, stay behind it to avoid this

Once these have been taken care of, a second group of Fatui will spawn, a Cryogunner and two Geochanters, take the Geochanters down first due to their shield buffing skills and then take care of the Cryogunner last.

Lastly a third group will spawn that consists of one Electrohammer, one Pyroslinger and one Geochanter, again, take out the Geochanter first, then the Pyroslinger and finally the Electrohammer. Interact with the strange core one last time and you’ll receive the Vitalized Dragontooth, head back to Orban at the Dragonspine Adventurer Camp.

Talk to Orban

Once you’re back at the camp, talk to Orban and he’ll forge you a Dragonspine Spear and this will complete the quest.


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