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Genshin Impact

Custodian of Clouds

Matt Chard

How to complete the Archon Quest Custodian of Clouds

This page is designed to help you progress through the main story quest, known as Archon Quests in Genshin Impact. This specific page is the fith quest of Chapter 1, Act 1: Of the Land Amidst the Monoliths, and will guide you where you need to go, and who you need to talk to.

The Traveler waiting at the adeptis dinner table on Mt. Aozang.


Following Moon Carver’s instructions, you arrive at Mt.Aocang in order to seek out Cloud Retainer.


Adventure EXP Mora Primogems Other Rewards Next Quest
Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Dust to Dust


  1. Search for Cloud Retainer
  2. Look for traces of food offerings (0/3)
  3. Offer up food to Cloud Retainer
  4. Search for Cloud Retainer

Search for Cloud Retainer

For this quest, you’ll need to find the adepti, Cloud Retainer, who can be found at Mt. Aozang. The best way to get there is to teleport to Qingyun Peak, and drop to the floor below, then follow the path north until you reach the wooden bridges entering into the Huaguang Stone Forest. Follow the bridges north, going around the mountains in the process, then climb up the mountain behind the canopy. From there, either walk up the path to the east, or climb the mountain in front of you.

Once you’re near the top, you’ll see a large pool of water with a large tree in the middle, and a table with chairs either side of it, head towards that for a scene. Paimon will ask who put the furniture here, and that it looks ready for dinner. She’ll come to the conclusion that this is where the adepti have their dinner parties, and she’s curious what they would even eat.

Look for traces of food offerings (0/3)

Now you’ll need to search the surrounding area for traces of food, these can be found to the northwest, northeast, and southeast.

Northwest campsite

After searching the campsite, you’ll find some ingredients, as well as some notes. Paimon will notice that it’s a recipe for Jewelry soup, and you’ll receive said recipe into your inventory.

Northeast campsite

You’ll find some more ingredients here as well as the recipe for Matsutake Meat Rolls.

Southeast campsite

Here you’ll get some more ingredients, but no recipe. You’ll just know that the dish has flour and raw meat. If you go to the table, you’ll see that the recipe is Mora Meat.

Offer up food to Cloud Retainer

You’ll need to cook one dish of Delicious Mora Meat, one dish of Delicious Matsutake Meat Rolls, and one dish of Delicious Jewelry Soup. Use any of the nearby cooking pots, and use the ingredients you picked up to make the dishes, to make them delicious, you’ll need to get the marker inside the yellow line to perfect the dish. Once all three have been made, take them back to the table underneath the tree, and you’ll notice the sealed door in the southwest will open. Head across the lake, up the stairs, and through the newly opened door, and you’ll find a hidden domain entrance.

Search for Cloud Retainer

After interacting with the domain, you’ll see Cloud Retainer’s Abode, click on it, and make sure to bring along a Pyro user. Once inside, head south across the bridge, and light up the torch in front of you with Pyro. Some enemies will appear, and you’ll get a challenge of defeating 10 opponents in 120 seconds. The first group of enemies will consist of, two Cryo Slimes, two Electro Slimes, and one Large Cryo Slime. Pyro will work great against all of them, so take advantage of that, and start peppering the enemies with Pyro. Once a few enemies are defeated, some more will appear, this time consisting of, one Mutant Electro Slime, one Large Electro Slime, and three Electro Slimes. Once again, use Pyro to take them down, and once you defeat the last one, you’ll complete the challenge.

To your southwest, you’ll see a device, interact with it to rotate the central platform which has golden bridges attached to it, rotate it either way once, and the bridge will join up with your platform, head across it to the other side, passing the central platform, and you’ll have to defeat some Hilichurls to unlock the device. Once they’re defeated, the device will be unlocked, allowing you to rotate it again. Rotate it clockwise just the once, and go on the bridge to another platform, then go across the second bridge heading southeast.

On this platform, head up to the device in front of the locked chests, and activate it to start another challenge. This challenge has three separate challenges, each rewarding a chest once you complete one of them. The challenge consists of you remembering the order of the torches to light by showing you the correct order first, then allowing you to light them up after.

First challenge

Activate the torches in the following order 1 > 5 > 4.

Second challenge

Activate the torches in the following order 3 > 5 > 1 > 4.

Third challenge

Activate the torches in the following order 2 > 4 > 1 > 5 > 3.

Once all three challenges have been completed, open up any chest that you haven’t already, then head back across both bridges to the rotator device. Click on the device, and the platform in front will rotate the bridges, so you can head west. Follow the path, open the Common Chest hidden behind the crates, then jump on the wind current in front of you, this’ll take you to a higher platform to your north which has another device sitting on it. Head over, and interact with it to rotate the platforms bridge over to you, and go across the two bridges to the platform at the far side.

This has another challenge for you to complete. The objective here is to have all torches lit up, but when you light one of them up, the other will go out. Standing at the locked device, light up the nearest torch to your right, and then light the far back right torch, and finally the torch on your left. Open the chest, and the device will now be operable, allowing you to rotate the platform to create a large bridge across. Go across the two bridges to the next platform, then go up the stairs, and through the doorway to get a scene.

You’ll finally meet Cloud Retainer, and it’ll commend you on getting through the abode, and ask for your reason of being here, you’ll tell it about the events that transpired at the Rite of Descenion, and like the previous adeptis, it’ll be shocked at the news. After some convincing on your part, it’ll agree to have a discussion with the other adeptis. This’ll allow you to leave the domain, and the quest will be complete.

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